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Corpses washed from cemeteries in France-Italy floods

Owning a pet during coronavirus had a ‘buffering’ effect on mental health IN APRIL, Naomi Mishkin, an artist and designer, could hear the constant sound of sirens from her apartment … Continue reading

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Ten things you can learn from women’s resilience that will help you stay strong in the time of COVID-19

A Short Guide to Disaster Recovery for SMEs Disaster can happen for any company, regardless of size. In terms of IT disasters, common issues result from malware (which may lead … Continue reading

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Women are more than twice as likely as men to suffer from PTSD. Studies are underway to find out why.

Women are more than twice as likely as men to suffer from PTSD. Studies are underway to find out why. In 1991, Karestan Koenen was a recent college graduate and … Continue reading

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Displacement and resilience: Five women, five stories

Consider Pets When Preparing for a Natural Disaster The  National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends that pet owners prepare now for the potential for catastrophic flooding and make sure … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria put a disproportionate burden on women

Africa city leaders promote inclusive resilience City leaders in Africa have shared some of the successes of inclusive disaster risk reduction strategies, particularly focusing on community engagement and action at … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters Impacting Delinquency Rates

  Natural Disasters Impacting Delinquency Rates Delinquency was down in May compared to last year, according to the latest Loan Performance Insights Report from CoreLogic. In May 2018, delinquencies went … Continue reading

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Women play a key role in rescue, reconstruction and resilience after volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results delivers report Following the release of the report Measuring Progress on Adaptation and Climate Resilience: Recommendations to the Government of Canada, … Continue reading

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How to Bring Mindfulness to the Workplace

Imagine Childhood Trauma and Resilience Conference with Kean University Many children experience trauma. Some traumas are ongoing like abuse or illness, while others are sudden and episodic like an act … Continue reading

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‘Portraits of Resilience’ art exhibit celebrates women, their personal journeys

Study links excessive smartphone use to inability to endure emotional distress   New research published in Computers in Human Behavior suggests that those with poor emotion regulation skills are at … Continue reading

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At ‘Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture’ event, speakers encourage resilience and non-conformity

Resilience meets artistry in Joan Didion’s memoir The Doors late frontman, Jim Morrison, is regarded for his creative poetry and lyrics on the music he wrote and performed for the … Continue reading

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Building for collapse: Professor designs more resilient steel structure

  Tongan women highlighted in stories of resilience post-cyclone Gita A series of articles on the resilience of Tongan women during and after Cyclone Gita aims to highlight the importance … Continue reading

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SPECIAL EDITION: International Women’s Day 2018: Women and Resilience

When Environmental Crises Hit Homes, Women Suffer the Most Victor Tsang is UN Environment gender expert and Shari Nijman, UN Environment communication officer This article is part of a series … Continue reading

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How These Female Leaders Practice Resilience Every Day

Grief and Resilience on the Frontlines of the Worsening Opioid Overdose Crisis Zoë Dodd reached a breaking point this February when her longtime mentor and prominent drug policy advocate, Raffi … Continue reading

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Don’t sideline women from disaster risk reduction

Making disaster prevention common practice Let’s take part in disaster prevention activities more fashionably and casually — this is the slogan of Bosai girl, also known as Disaster Prevention Girls. … Continue reading

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For a more resilient world, promote women’s leadership – expert

For a more resilient world, promote women’s leadership – expert Understanding better how women are affected by disasters, economic shocks and other crises is key to helping their communities ride … Continue reading

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Resilience – The Antidote to ISIS

Resilience – The Antidote to ISIS Nowadays, when hordes of counterterrorism pundits are falling all over each other in their eagerness to push forth Amygdala-controlled agendas, designed to satisfy a … Continue reading

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What makes one economy more resilient than another?

  What makes one economy more resilient than another? Markets have been in turmoil for much of the year on concerns the global economy is heading for another recession. The … Continue reading

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The resilience factor in leadership: turning adversity into opportunities…and more

Traditional knowledge plus modern science saves lives, builds resilience MYRNA DE LOS SANTOS, 49, can still vividly recall what happened in November 2013—when she thought she would lose everything she … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

What is resilience? Science director Carl Folke explains the concept of resilience and how it can be applied. Resilience is the long-term capacity of a system to deal with change … Continue reading