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How The ‘Lost Art’ Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep And Resilience

Building for a flooded future: Architects are designing for the new climate reality limate change is making cities more susceptible to flooding. According to a 2019 study, global sea levels … Continue reading

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Resilience Is Not Just a Buzzword

Building resilient cities, a post-coronavirus necessity Some economists and social scientists believe that should not be returned to the current dense life because large cities are more vulnerable to viruses … Continue reading

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California Legislators Eye Climate Bond to Prepare for Disasters

Another legacy of redlining: Unequal exposure to heat waves Severe heat kills more people in the United States than any other hazardous weather-related event. As climate change accelerates, the sweltering … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and the built environment

The need for adaptation technology in the face of natural disasters Sobulen Sarder of Mongla village was leading a happy life with his wife, daughter and son. Besides his house, … Continue reading

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California needs policies to build housing able to withstand climate disasters

Japanese insurers hike rates again following disasters The recent streak of natural disasters has prompted Japan’s four largest non-life insurers to raise premiums on commercial fire insurance policies by about … Continue reading

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As climate change makes disasters worse, philanthropy needs to think long term

  Businesses Say They Are Climate Resilient – but Most Don’t Actually Have a Plan A majority of US business leaders – 59% – say their companies are climate resilient, … Continue reading

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Financing Resilience: How Environmental Impact Bonds Can Help Louisiana

Here’s how to design cities where people and nature can both flourish Urban nature has a critical role to play in the future liveability of cities. An emerging body of … Continue reading

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“Greening” urban areas could improve our mental health

Monsoon flooding forces thousands to evacuate homes in Myanmar Some 50,000 people in Myanmar evacuated their homes after days of heavy monsoon rains left villages inundated and swept away bridges, … Continue reading

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Impacts of Temperature and Precipitation Changes on Living Standards

David Moss on the Resilience of American Democracy Harvard Business School professor David Moss discusses his book, “Democracy: A Case Study,” and how past episodes in American history can provide … Continue reading

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Urban Resilience: student ventures into sinking shanty town

FEMA avoids ‘climate change’ when introducing future storm resiliency plans The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is taking blame for its response to Hurricane Maria, which devastated communities across Puerto … Continue reading

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Return on Resilience: A Dollar of Prevention Is Worth $6 in Avoided Costs

Preparing for natural disasters The world’s attention over the last few weeks has been focused on the football team who became trapped in a cave in Thailand after sudden rains … Continue reading

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In tech we trust – but less than half of Americans are ready for the next disaster

  Tips on offer for preparing for flood, disaster The public is invited to the session on April 25 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on the third floor of Town … Continue reading

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National flood insurance is underwater because of outdated science

Wellington preparing for disaster by drilling into Earth’s surface in search of water Scientists are trying to identify alternative sources that could be used if an earthquake or other event … Continue reading

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L.A. Bets That Equity Is the Path to Resilience

A guide to help your business survive after a disaster The days and weeks immediately following a natural disaster can feel overwhelming for any business owner. While your family and … Continue reading

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Big Data Suggests Big Potential for Urban Farming

7 traits key to the resilience of family businesses: Stewardship Asia Centre SEVEN distinct leadership and organisational traits are key to the resilience of family businesses, according to a study … Continue reading

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The Low-Tech Secret to Cyber Resilience

Urban poor women can lead the way Speakers at a roundtable yesterday said urban poor women can play a leadership role in disaster and risk management in their communities if … Continue reading

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Drought-hit Cape Town learns lessons hard way

By 2100 Cities Are Going To Become Unbearably Warm A heat wave is one of the deadliest forms of environmental extreme, and in the concrete jungle of a city its … Continue reading

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Oregon is unprepared to deal with major earthquake, tsunami, says audit

Oregon is unprepared to deal with major earthquake, tsunami, says audit Oregon is nowhere near ready to deal with a catastrophic earthquake or tsunami like the predicted Big One, according … Continue reading

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Biodiversity for Resilience Against Natural Disasters

Toronto Millennials are killing stereotypes by giving back to their city More than 90 of Toronto’s Millennial and Gen X philanthropists are bucking stereotypes about their generations and collectively pledging … Continue reading

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To Become More Resilient, Boston Takes a “Landscape First” Approach

To Become More Resilient, Boston Takes a “Landscape First” Approach Instead of simply responding to catastrophe, Boston is getting out front on climate change. As part of its Climate Ready … Continue reading

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When an Earthquake Hits Next Door

Raised stepping stones allow Dutch bridge to remain accessible during a flood Rising water levels don’t cause many problems for this bridge in the Dutch city of Nijmegen – it … Continue reading

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How New York City is tackling a mental health crisis spurred by Hurricane Sandy

Water world: floating architecture is a booming business, thanks to Dutch design A famous saying credits the Dutch for having literally created the Netherlands. This does justice to Holland’s formidable … Continue reading

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What would an entirely flood-proof city look like?

Hurricane Harvey victims face toxic contamination It has been a month since Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of southern Texas. While a great deal of attention was focused on Houston, smaller … Continue reading

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Building resilience in the urban environment

Why Mexico is at the epicenter of the month’s most prominent natural disasters About two weeks ago, Hurricane Katia made landfall near Tecolutla, Mexico, about 200 miles east-northeast of Mexico … Continue reading

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What have we learned from disasters so far?

We need to rethink how we talk about infrastructure after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma The wonky words infrastructure and resilience have circulated widely of late, particularly since Hurricanes Harvey and … Continue reading

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Harvey Wasn’t Just Bad Weather. It Was Bad City Planning

Harvey Wasn’t Just Bad Weather. It Was Bad City Planning Houston has been wet since birth. In the 1840s, the German explorer Ferdinand von Roemer described the Brazos River prairie … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Resilience

The Dark Side of Resilience Resilience, defined as the psychological capacity to adapt to stressful circumstances and to bounce back from adverse events, is a highly sought-after personality trait in … Continue reading

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Over 3,000 New Yorkers Could Die From Summer Heat Each Year by 2080

Over 3,000 New Yorkers Could Die From Summer Heat Each Year by 2080 Does it feel like the heat is killing you this summer? Next year, that might be more … Continue reading

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NOAA Predicts More Hurricanes Than Usual This Year

Urban Climate Resiliency: New Microgrid Systems for New Storms Today, we stand at a crossroad where two complex challenges will either collide to make for an American future cast in … Continue reading

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“Resilience Bonds”: Secret Weapon Against Catastrophe

Urban disasters highlight need for resilience in Africa Rising disasters in Africa’s cities and their links with poverty and rapid, unplanned urbanisation are ever more apparent from tragedies such as … Continue reading

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To Improve Disaster Preparedness and Urban Resilience, Japan Shares Best Practices

To Improve Disaster Preparedness and Urban Resilience, Japan Shares Best Practices with Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan The World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) … Continue reading

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Firefighting blamed for ‘megafires’ ravaging US forests

Water-short Singapore charts a course toward self-sufficiency Singapore may seem like an unlikely model for the rest of the world when it comes to water management. The island nation has … Continue reading

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Disaster cases nearly doubled in 2016 (East Texas Red Cross)

East Texas Red Cross: Disaster cases nearly doubled in 2016 It has been a tough year for East Texans living through natural disasters. The Red Cross said they have addressed nearly … Continue reading

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Urban resilience? There’s an app for that

Urban resilience? There’s an app for that Informed by the academic discipline of ethnography and the gritty reality that life in the urban core is tough and short in resources, … Continue reading

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Rare cyclone wreaks havoc across Mediterranean…and more

Rare cyclone wreaks havoc across Mediterranean A rare Mediterranean cyclone has wreaked havoc in Sardinia, as more than two months of rain hit the island in just 24 hours. There … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

In rural Greece, quiet resilience in the face of economic calamity KARITAINA, GREECE—Ilias Mathes has protection against bank closures, capital controls and the slashing of his pension: 10 goats, some … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Building urban resilience In the last few years, the concept of resilience has rapidly become popular and is increasingly used in urban policy and strategies. Resilience appears to be fast … Continue reading


Resilience NEWS

Naturally Negative: The Growth Effects of Natural Disasters Growth theory predicts that natural disasters should, on impact, lower GDP per capita. However, the empirical literature does not offer conclusive evidence. … Continue reading

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