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How Resilient Leaders Think

  How Businesses Have Successfully Pivoted During the Pandemic The nearly instantaneous economic recession triggered by the Covid-19 shutdown has wreaked havoc on businesses large and small. Our very way … Continue reading

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Rebuilding After Disaster: A Painstaking Process

FEMA releases history of natural disaster info The New Year has just begun and hurricane season is still five months away, but if the past is any guide, chances are … Continue reading

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How cities are rebuilding to be more resilient to natural disasters

Building flood resistance in Indonesia: new approaches being implemented (video) People and vehicles stranded in floodwaters, inundated business premises, interrupted connectivity, and access to other services cut off. Does this … Continue reading

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How to Rebound After a Disaster: Move, Don’t Rebuild, Research Suggests

How to Rebound After a Disaster: Move, Don’t Rebuild, Research Suggests What should communities do as climate change escalates threats like sea-level rise? Until now, much of the focus has … Continue reading

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The architecture of relief: how design builds hope in the wake of disaster

Half a billion dollars and more to make Wellington resilient Half a billion dollars is being spent on things some Wellingtonians may never see so the city can be prepared … Continue reading

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To Defend Against Common Cyber Threats, Focus on Resilience, Real Risks, and Leadership

A fixed mindset could be holding you back — here’s how to change it It seems counterintuitive, but trying to build a child’s self-esteem by constantly praising them might actually … Continue reading

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To build resilience, listen to people’s needs

  Inflatable Buildings Could Bring Shelter After Natural Disasters One of the greatest things about tech development is when the creative minds of the world are applied to truly impacting … Continue reading

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National flood insurance is underwater because of outdated science

Wellington preparing for disaster by drilling into Earth’s surface in search of water Scientists are trying to identify alternative sources that could be used if an earthquake or other event … Continue reading

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Using Good Governance to Mitigate Natural Disasters

Using Good Governance to Mitigate Natural Disasters What makes a community vulnerable to climate change-intensified natural disasters is not any dearth of technology but a lack of good governance, according … Continue reading

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We can’t afford to build cities the way we built Houston anymore

Hurricane Harvey First Responder Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Texas Storm Water A man in Texas says he got infected with flesh-eating bacteria while helping his neighbors in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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Natural disasters – How prepared are India’s health systems?

Logan to benefit from state request for $220m in flood funding LOGAN flood victims were given renewed hope on Wednesday night after the state government called on the federal government … Continue reading

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Worst natural disasters in 2016

Worst natural disasters in 2016 In 2016, three major earthquakes rocked the world by their deadly nature including 663 killed in Ecuador. Storms, floods, landslides and notorious disease Ebola also … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Earthquake in Iran kills 1, injures 30 State TV says a magnitude 5.5 earthquake has killed one person and injured 30 in a small town in southern Iran. It says … Continue reading


Resilience NEWS

Global cities boom raises threat of natural disasters As more people move to cities, the world’s susceptibility to natural disasters is increasing, warns a new report from the Institute of … Continue reading

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