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Building organisational resilience for the future

  Illinois farmers give up on planting after floods, throw party instead Dozens of corn farmers and those who sell them seed, chemicals and equipment gathered on Thursday at the … Continue reading

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Death toll from Malawi flooding rises to 28, almost 227,000 people affected

What effect can Brexit have on organisational resilience? It is a subject matter that can motivate huge passion and complete apathy in equal measure. We currently have clients to whom … Continue reading

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How to Salvage Your Valuables After Serious Flooding

How to Salvage Your Valuables After Serious Flooding Hurricane Harvey pummeled Houston and its environs and parts of Louisiana with rain for days on end. Their lives upended by water, residents … Continue reading

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A psychology professor shares 5 reasons you’re mentally tougher than you think

British Safety Council: Building personal and organisational resilience – Manchester, 22 Feb 2017 It’s the people who make an organisation and thus, they are the organisation’s most critical asset. With … Continue reading

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Make sure your health care organization is ready for natural disasters

Make sure your health care organization is ready for natural disasters Is your health care organization prepared to handle a natural disaster? A critical technology or vendor failure? The departure … Continue reading

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Turning organizational stress into resilience…and more

Turning organizational stress into resilience When you’re stressed, you cut corners. It starts with substituting coffee for sleep. Before long, you may find yourself missing workouts, eating donuts and consuming … Continue reading

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