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Corpses washed from cemeteries in France-Italy floods

Owning a pet during coronavirus had a ‘buffering’ effect on mental health IN APRIL, Naomi Mishkin, an artist and designer, could hear the constant sound of sirens from her apartment … Continue reading

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What is COVID-19 doing to our mental health?

Should you consider “natural disasters” when looking for a home? Location is one of the biggest considerations Australians typically take note of when buying a home, but with recent events … Continue reading

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71 Cities in Japan At ‘Very High’ Risk of 3-Meter-High Tsunami Within the Next 30 Years

Wikipedia, a source of information on natural disasters biased towards rich countries The study corresponds to a line of research led by Carlos Castillo, coordinator of the Web Science and … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Australian Bushfires Derail Research

Economic effect of disasters runs deeper than we think One of life’s simple pleasures is a run. Out in the sunshine, gentle breeze, maybe a dog at your side and … Continue reading

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Biodiversity and our brains: how ecology and mental health go together in our cities

2010-2019: Natural Disasters That Rocked The World This Decade Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, and millions have been displaced around the world in the face of nature’s fury. … Continue reading

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Australia Is Battling Some of the Most Dangerous Wildfires It’s Ever Seen

Aircraft fight Sydney blaze as Australians reel from bushfires Fires raged across a swathe of Australia’s east coast on Tuesday, destroying some homes and shrouding Sydney in smoke from a … Continue reading

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Natural disasters: The new normal?

Everything is gone’: Japan left reeling from worst storm in decades In the east of the city, whole neighbourhoods were left submerged. All that could be seen, as rescuers began … Continue reading

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Grim fire season looms but many Australians remain unprepared

How Natural Disasters Affect Spanish-Only Speakers Differently A year after Florence, Dorian restarts the cycle of disaster preparedness, damage control, and recovery. Florence’s toll was especially harsh on North Carolina’s … Continue reading

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A major river in Europe hit by drought could create economic havoc

Mississippi River flooding and Hurricane Barry could have inundated New Orleans. Here are four actions we need to take before that happens again. The Bonnet Carré Spillway will finally close … Continue reading

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Living with natural disasters – how to change Indonesia’s culture of passive resignation

Preventing disaster from striking Australia’s economy The $3.9 billion emergency response fund announced in the Morrison government’s pre-election budget will resonate with the tens of thousands of Australians who, over … Continue reading

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7 key figures: Breaking down the cost of natural disasters in 2018

  Fears of further destruction from Tasmania bushfires Crews battling bushfires in Tasmania are preparing for hot and dry conditions, with 12 emergency alerts issued and continued threats to property. … Continue reading

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Can architecture save people from disaster?

Tsunami hazard and its challenges for preparedness Three major disasters in 2018 taught some painful lessons about the challenges of tsunami preparedness and early warning in Indonesia. In August, a … Continue reading

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Nature gone wild: Depictions of disasters in art

In Rio de Janeiro, thousands at risk from disasters As many as 155,000 people are exposed to the risk of landslides or floods in highland region of Rio de Janeiro, … Continue reading

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It’s official: NYC hasn’t seen snow like this in 130 years

Needs go unmet 6 months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico Generators are still humming. Candles are still flickering. Homes are still being repaired. Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane … Continue reading

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Should Bitcoin be used to help countries hit by disaster?

Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano Erupts Violently, Grounding Dozens of Flights A volcano in southern Japan that appeared in a James Bond film had its biggest eruption in years Tuesday, shooting smoke … Continue reading

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Prepare for natural disasters, experts urge biomedical research centers

Prepare for natural disasters, experts urge biomedical research centers When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, the storm destroyed scientific equipment worth more than US$20 million at the … Continue reading

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China’s biggest ally in the South China Sea? A volcano in the Philippines

China’s biggest ally in the South China Sea? A volcano in the Philippines On June 15, 1991, an otherwise unremarkable mountain in the Philippines blew its top. And with that … Continue reading

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Reservoirs along Yangtze River prove worth in reducing floods

  Reservoirs along Yangtze River prove worth in reducing floods Reservoirs along the Yangtze River, including the Three Gorges Reservoir, have played a big role in relieving flood pressure downstream. … Continue reading

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IBM supercomputing to power global weather forecasting model

IBM supercomputing to power global weather forecasting model IBM is putting its supercomputing power behind an effort to launch the world’s most sophisticated weather forecasting models. The Weather Company, an … Continue reading

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New Research Shows Resilience is the Antidote to a Toxic Work Environment

“Positive thinking” has turned happiness into a duty and a burden, says a Danish psychologist Everyone wants you to be happy: Self-help books dish out advice on how to stop … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

El Niño Could Be Among Strongest on Record, Raising Risk of Floods The phenomenon known as El Niño is brewing in the Pacific Ocean — and it could be one … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Queensland’s five flood victims were in cars attempting to cross roads, say police The five people who perished during Queensland’s wild weather were in cars attempting to cross flooded roads, … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Build your resilience to stress I once knew someone who when asked how his day was going, would always respond, “Just another day in paradise!” While many of us say … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Why Some Things Get Better After A Disaster We often associate disasters – be they environmental, social, political, or economic — as terrible things, worthy of avoidance. And for the … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Emergence of ‘resilience-building’ as key to reduce hunger On 14 October, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), along with Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe, published a report supporting that resilience … Continue reading

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