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La Niña is on its way out. What does that mean for California?

The race to predict hurricanes Since climate change has been linked to more extreme weather events, predicting future weather is extremely important. Climate change means that extreme weather events, such … Continue reading

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Whose Disaster Is It?

Whose Disaster Is It? With its pink sands and warm water, Bermuda is a great place to visit. It’s also a great place to live. It has the fourth-highest per … Continue reading

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La Nina likely to develop in the Pacific by December

Phoenix Will Be Almost Unlivable by 2050 Thanks to Climate Change Sorry to put such a fine point on this, but even without climate change, Phoenix, Arizona, is already pretty … Continue reading

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La Niña is here, so 2017 won’t be the warmest year on record

Hurricane Irma Ended Up Costing Disney $100 Million Due To Closures And Cancellations The effects of Hurricane Irma are still being felt by cities, states, and whole countries, as people … Continue reading

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La Niña has returned and now the US might actually get some winter

Northern Adelaide could be protected by levees in flood mitigation scheme Low-lying farms and properties north of Adelaide are likely to be protected by new levees in the near future. … Continue reading

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Climate Change Played a Role in Paris Floods, Report Says. And more…

Climate Change Played a Role in Paris Floods, Report Says Scientists are getting better at understanding the link between climate change and extreme weather. Climate change contributed significantly to the … Continue reading

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Floods and how to stop them: 3 questions, 3 answers. Texas flooding. And more…

Floods and how to stop them: 3 questions, 3 answers As cleanup begins after massive flash flooding in Germany, many are left wondering why a predictable natural phenomenon causes so … Continue reading

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La Niña is officially coming. 1,700 People Are Still Missing After Ecuador’s Earthquake. And more

La Niña is officially coming – so how will it affect weather patterns? We’re officially on a La Niña watch. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Thursday that … Continue reading

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston lashes Fiji with winds of up to 220 kilometres per hour

Tropical cyclone hits Fiji with record winds of 200 miles an hour A powerful cyclone with wind gusts of 200 miles an hour has begun tearing through the Pacific nation … Continue reading

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