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Natural disasters causing economic destruction can increase child marriages — study

How Puerto Ricans are rebuilding post-Hurricane María LISTEN: How Puerto Ricans are rebuilding post-Hurricane María… Natural disasters causing economic destruction can increase child marriages — study A case study attempting … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters May Push Global Finances to the Brink

UN report: Climate change means more weather disasters every year In the wake of heat waves, global warming, forest fires, storms, droughts and a rising number of hurricanes, the U.N. … Continue reading

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Coders are the new superheroes of natural disasters

Sydney ‘scores badly’ for climate resilience compared to global cities Sydney is poorly prepared for the impacts of climate change and related disasters compared to other global cities, with a … Continue reading

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New research explains why Hurricane Harvey intensified immediately before landfall

Hurricane Maria Left Thousands of Puerto Rican Children Experiencing Symptoms of PTSD, Survey Finds Hurricane Maria was the deadliest storm in modern U.S. history. And the damage didn’t end when … Continue reading

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Climate Change Was The Engine That Powered Hurricane Maria’s Devastating Rains

What It Looks Like In Mozambique As Recovery Continues A Month After Cyclone Idai Hit Just over one month ago, Cyclone Idai barreled into southeastern Africa with high winds and … Continue reading

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Fukushima contaminants found as far north as Alaska’s Bering Strait

Hurricane Maria inflicted tree damage unprecedented in modern times A new study finds that the storm killed or severely damaged up to 40 million trees in Puerto Rico; suggests future … Continue reading

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Nebraska flooding shows (again) how extreme weather can threaten national security

In Her Words: Samaris Pagán on Hurricane Maria Twenty days had passed and I felt myself going a bit crazy. Not because I’d been living in complete darkness with zero … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria Drives Up Connecticut’s Homelessness Numbers

Irma recovery, a stolen gold bar and a call from God. Here are the Top 25 Keys stories In the year that followed Hurricane Irma, the Keys continued to feel … Continue reading

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After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans become key voting bloc in Florida

Survivor Stories: Teachers in Puerto Rico reflect on Hurricane Maria 1 year later Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico just as the 2017 school year was beginning. A year later, two … Continue reading

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Opinion | The role of gender in reconstruction efforts

Hurricane Maria was a manmade disaster. Hundreds of families told us what really happened Thousands of people were killed by Hurricane Maria. But the Puerto Rican government has only publicly … Continue reading

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How the money donated to Hurricane Harvey relief was spent

Hurricane Maria stirred up dangerous pollutants on this Puerto Rico waterfront Tucked in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, the town of Guanica sits on the edge of a small … Continue reading

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News outlets in Japan question belated flood response

  Nearly One Year After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican Morgues are Still in a Crisis Workers from Puerto Rico’s beleaguered forensic sciences department moved two corpses from stop-gap refrigerator trailers … Continue reading

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NASA Releases Photos Of Damage Hurricane Maria Inflicted On Puerto Rico’s Forests

Hurricane Maria Still Taking A Toll On Puerto Rico’s Seniors The question of who will care for Puerto Rico’s aging population is a growing crisis, says Dr. Angel Muñoz, a … Continue reading

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The True Scope of the Disaster in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria’s Death Toll In Puerto Rico 70 Times Higher Than Official Estimates: Study Over 4,600 people died in Puerto Rico during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria ― more than … Continue reading

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The dire future that awaits San Francisco, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Seattle

Hurricane season starts in one week. Puerto Rico’s emergency plan still isn’t ready This year’s hurricane season starts in one week. But in Puerto Rico, where the healthcare system devolved … Continue reading

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How Entrepreneurship Is Helping to Save Puerto Rico

Ten principles for building resilient regions The Urban Land Institute’s (ULI’s) Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance has released a report outlining ten fundamental principles for building resilient regions that … Continue reading

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It’s official: NYC hasn’t seen snow like this in 130 years

Needs go unmet 6 months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico Generators are still humming. Candles are still flickering. Homes are still being repaired. Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane … Continue reading

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What Cape Town can learn from Australia’s millennium drought

Contractor promised 30 million meals to Puerto Rico. Only 50,000 were delivered. Lawmakers ask why. Two Democrats are calling for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be subpoenaed for documents … Continue reading

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Study suggests slow Puerto Rico recovery could enhance PTSD among residents

The Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Allegory, particularly in the form of personification, was one of the most important forms through which late Medieval society attempted to understand itself. And … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria killed 64 Puerto Ricans. Another 1,000 died because the disaster response was inadequate.

Caring for disaster victims’ mental well-being: A first responder’s story   In my day job, I am a professor of social work and associate dean of academic affairs for the … Continue reading

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Trailers could house those displaced by fires in California wine country

Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico’s Neo-Colonial Legacy The view southward from the Asomante hills outside the Puerto Rican town of Aibonito is spectacular, reaching all the way to the Caribbean … Continue reading

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How solar energy saved a Puerto Rican farm from Hurricane Maria

How solar energy saved a Puerto Rican farm from Hurricane Maria While his competitors wait for diesel to restart generators knocked out by Hurricane Maria, flower grower Hector Santiago is … Continue reading

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Tsunami carried Japanese animals to US

Hurricane Maria may be U.S. preview of climate-fueled migration Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico may offer a preview for Americans of one of the most jarring potential consequences of … Continue reading

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What would an entirely flood-proof city look like?

Hurricane Harvey victims face toxic contamination It has been a month since Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of southern Texas. While a great deal of attention was focused on Houston, smaller … Continue reading

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Building resilience in the urban environment

Why Mexico is at the epicenter of the month’s most prominent natural disasters About two weeks ago, Hurricane Katia made landfall near Tecolutla, Mexico, about 200 miles east-northeast of Mexico … Continue reading

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Right Behind Irma, Here Comes Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Harvey to make mild dent in U.S. economic growth: Reuters poll U.S. economic growth will take a mild hit in the current quarter from Hurricane Harvey that slammed into … Continue reading

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