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New research explains why Hurricane Harvey intensified immediately before landfall

Hurricane Maria Left Thousands of Puerto Rican Children Experiencing Symptoms of PTSD, Survey Finds Hurricane Maria was the deadliest storm in modern U.S. history. And the damage didn’t end when … Continue reading

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California wildfire smoke spreads to New York, 3,000 miles away

Houston’s Sprawl May Have Slowed Down Hurricane Harvey—and Made It Worse In the months after Hurricane Harvey pummeled East Texas, Houston asked itself a hard question: How much blame does … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey Is Officially the Largest Rain Event in US History

Vieques Still Finding Its Footing After Hurricane Destruction The island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, is an isolated place known both for its remote beaches and the decades during which the … Continue reading

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Routine natural disasters make the need for resilient communities all the more dire, health experts say.

Kilauea: Hawaii emergency declared over volcano eruption Officials had been warning residents all week they should be prepared to evacuate as an eruption would give little warning. A volcanic crater … Continue reading

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Stakeholders aim for disaster-resilient city

Hurricane Harvey Survivors Kicked Out of Hotels in Texas The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has officially let down Hurricane Harvey survivors. As of Tuesday, about 1,400 Texans had to … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey woke Houston up. Now things have to change.

Flood insurance rates climb due to Florida natural disasters Get ready to pay more for flood insurance. Having a waterfront view can be a slice of paradise, but Roger Barlow … Continue reading

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Stronger storms mean new ‘category six’ scale may be needed

Hurricane Harvey Destroyed More Vehicles Than Any Single Event in America. This Is the Aftermath Disasters are always fascinating. From fender benders to war, humans will stop and stare at … Continue reading

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Studying stress of Hurricane Harvey and pregnancy

The role of data during natural disasters According to the United Nations, India is the third worst-affected country by natural disasters since 1995. In 2013, British risk analysis firm Maplecroft, … Continue reading

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Deep Learning Could Help First Responders Offer Critical Aid in the Wake of Disasters

How this small Houston community survived Hurricane Harvey when other parts didn’t A small thunderstorm three years ago pushed more than a foot of floodwater into Stan Cook’s home in … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2017: what the hell just happened?

Hotel Forum: How to build a resilient business Donoghue (pictured), who is also a mayoral advisor, will explain how a crisis can unfold and what hospitality businesses can do when … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Resilience is Key

Flesh-Eating Bacteria’ Causes 2nd Death in Texas Since Hurricane Harvey A 31-year-old man who helped repair houses in Galveston, Tex., after Hurricane Harvey has died of a rare infection caused … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey is a billion-dollar disaster – America’s 10th in 2017

California Authorities Say Wildfires Are Only Getting Worse Three days after catastrophic wildfires first began scorching Northern California’s wine country, authorities say the conditions are likely to deteriorate still further. … Continue reading

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We can’t afford to build cities the way we built Houston anymore

Hurricane Harvey First Responder Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Texas Storm Water A man in Texas says he got infected with flesh-eating bacteria while helping his neighbors in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irma: A Practically Impossible Storm

Photos: Pet Rescues in Harvey’s Wake As the floodwater continues to rise in southeastern Texas, residents have been trying to reach safety for days now—many of them bringing along their … Continue reading

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Resilience After Devastating Loss

Fiji Red Cross builds storage facilities nationwide THE Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) with the support of the Australian government has constructed branch offices and storage facilities stocked with humanitarian … Continue reading

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Why 85% of Houston homeowners have no flood insurance

Mumbai residents told to abandon cars as heavy rain batters city Heavy rainfall paralyzed parts of the Indian financial capital of Mumbai on Tuesday, as traffic chaos sparked by flooding … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey SPECIAL EDITION

Most Harvey flood victims uninsured, face big bills alone Insurance experts say only a small fraction of homeowners in Harvey’s path of destruction have flood insurance. That means families with … Continue reading

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Houston knew it was at risk of flooding. Why didn’t the city evacuate?

Houston knew it was at risk of flooding. Why didn’t the city evacuate? Sunday morning, as Houston residents found themselves trapped on rooftops and wading through flooded streets with children … Continue reading

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Houston area copes with flooding as Harvey delivers pounding rainfall

NASA considers puncturing Yellowstone supervolcano to save life on Earth A new study from NASA’s Jet Propulsion unit has determined that the threat of a supervolcanic eruption to life on … Continue reading

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How Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Long-Term Devastation

How Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Long-Term Devastation Beyond the 130 Category 4 mile-an-hour winds, the devastating eye wall, and the the storm surge hundreds of miles wide, the most destructive … Continue reading

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