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This FEMA map will show how at-risk your city is for a natural disaster

New Australia-wide emergency warning system launched A streamlined nationwide warning system has been unveiled to help Australians better respond to natural disasters and emergencies. The three-tiered Australian Warning System establishes … Continue reading

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FEMA ends policy favoring flood walls over green protections

Watch for governments to transfer financial risk from natural disasters to insurers: Swiss Re There is growing awareness that governments can transfer the financial risk of natural disasters to both … Continue reading

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Debris from 3/11 disaster now washing ashore across Okinawa

Debris from 3/11 disaster now washing ashore across Okinawa Plastic containers washed out to sea after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster are starting to wash up on the shores … Continue reading

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Why FEMA isn’t prepared for the next major U.S. disaster

  Can humanity survive without the Amazon rainforest? The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and covers much of northwestern Brazil, functioning as Earth’s “air conditioner,” as it … Continue reading

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As environmental catastrophe unfolds, we need architecture that is more than just green

Puerto Rico received lopsided hurricane disaster aid compared to Texas and Florida, study says In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hit the United States in August and September. The … Continue reading

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U.N. Scientists: El Niño Likely to Develop in Next Three Months

How Satellites and Big Data Are Predicting the Behavior of Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters Hurricane Harvey, for example, unexpectedly flooded large parts of Houston despite abating wind speeds. That … Continue reading

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FEMA Begins Scaling Back Financial Assistance In Puerto Rico

Resilience-building can help communities after a disaster A team of community health researchers including individuals from Tulane University recently examined ways to address behavioral health needs after disasters. The resulting … Continue reading

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Urban Resilience: student ventures into sinking shanty town

FEMA avoids ‘climate change’ when introducing future storm resiliency plans The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is taking blame for its response to Hurricane Maria, which devastated communities across Puerto … Continue reading

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Reputation resilience

FEMA admits it was understaffed and underprepared for 2017 hurricanes The Federal Emergency Management Agency “could have better anticipated the severity of hurricanes” that last year devastated Puerto Rico and … Continue reading

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Earthquakes Expected To Double In Number In 2018 As Earth’s Rotation Slows

  Earthquakes Expected To Double In Number In 2018 As Earth’s Rotation Slows A team of scientists presented a research paper to the Geological Society of America, revealing some ground shaking … Continue reading

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This Small Lake in Africa Once Killed 1,700 People Overnight, and We Still Don’t Know Why

A More Resilient Future: FEMA’s Public Assistance Deductible The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a novel proposal to reduce the nation’s vulnerability to future natural disasters, like coastal storms, … Continue reading

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An Innovative Way to Encourage Disaster Preparedness: FEMA’s Public Assistance Deductible

Being prepared: An increase in natural disasters sends residents scrambling James Katte was completely unprepared for the wall of soil and rubbish that barrelled into his Auckland home on Tuesday night. … Continue reading

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After Katrina, flood-prone New Orleans learns to live with water: official

After Katrina, flood-prone New Orleans learns to live with water: official NEW ORLEANS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – On a gray afternoon, a city worker tends plants on an undulating plot … Continue reading

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Better safe than sorry

Battling Climate Change, FEMA Chief Blasts ‘Social Welfare For Developers’ Since President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, there have been 931 federal or state disaster declarations — most recently the wildfires … Continue reading

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How Australia needs to adapt to face the inevitable disruptions heading our way

How Australia needs to adapt to face the inevitable disruptions heading our way Australia may be a land of sweeping plains and rugged mountains ranges, but it’s increasingly a land … Continue reading

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Heating Up: Time to Reform FEMA

Over 600 Killed In Natural Disasters In China In July Over 600 people were killed in China last month due to floods, typhoons and a range of geological disasters which … Continue reading

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How To Prepare For Natural Disasters Before They Occur? There’s An App For That

How To Prepare For Natural Disasters Before They Occur? There’s An App For That The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched an app designed to help users prepare for all … Continue reading

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Turning organizational stress into resilience…and more

Turning organizational stress into resilience When you’re stressed, you cut corners. It starts with substituting coffee for sleep. Before long, you may find yourself missing workouts, eating donuts and consuming … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

  FEMA seeks views of young people on resilience The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that it is seeking applicants for its Youth Preparedness Council. The Council supports … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

From the Philippines to Haiti, Disaster Recovery is a Way of Life For many millions of people living in the planet’s poorest, most populous places, a state of recovery from … Continue reading

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