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Resilience will again be vital in 2021

Resilience will again be vital in 2021 The financial, social, physical and mental health challenges we have all faced over the last nine months have been the most difficult we … Continue reading

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Building Resilience Is Critical To Minimise The Impact Of Humanitarian Crises

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2020 The International Day for Disaster Reduction, held each year on 13 October, celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure … Continue reading

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Protecting Wetlands Yields Staggering Economic Benefit, Study Finds

At least five people dead as thunderstorms cause widespread flooding across Egypt Thunderstorms packing heavy rains and lightning caused widespread flooding across Egypt on Thursday, killing at least five people … Continue reading

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Abandon All Hope: Moving Toward an Existentialist Environmentalism

Aussie psychology conference aims to strengthen communities in wake of disasters In an age of worsening natural disasters, climate change and the brutal shock of recurring terrorist attacks, now more … Continue reading

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California Wildfires Are Causing Billions in Damage. Who Will Pay?

California Wildfires Are Causing Billions in Damage. Who Will Pay? In the past few decades, wildfire season in California has expanded from a few months each year to a year-long … Continue reading

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Natural disasters’ and people on the margins – the hidden story

Caribbean must be environmentally and fiscally resilient – World Bank The Caribbean must work together to be both environmentally and fiscally resilient, Jorge Familiar, Vice President of the World Bank … Continue reading

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How working with wetlands can reduce flood risks in cities

Need of the hour is shift from cyber security to cyber resilience The global cyber security industry needs to develop its people, processes, policies and technologies to collectively rebuild the … Continue reading

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Myanmar to plant protective mangrove forest along southern coast against natural disasters

Myanmar to plant protective mangrove forest along southern coast against natural disasters Myanmar is planning to plant a mangrove forest along the Gulf of Mottma in the southern coast of … Continue reading

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Biodiversity for Resilience Against Natural Disasters

Toronto Millennials are killing stereotypes by giving back to their city More than 90 of Toronto’s Millennial and Gen X philanthropists are bucking stereotypes about their generations and collectively pledging … Continue reading

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How well is London prepared for disaster

How well is London prepared for disaster? We’ve become accustomed to seeing the acronyms CEO and CFO among job titles at most municipalities and other corporations. But there’s a new … Continue reading

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New satellite photos reveal the California wildfire’s shocking damage from space

Resilient reefs and rainforests can weather hurricanes It can take years for towns and cities to recover from major hurricanes. But as humans labor to restore power and water, tropical … Continue reading

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The next big thing in disaster recovery could be music to your ears

How IoT is playing a key role in protecting the Environment Internet of Things (IoT) has a large role to play in future of smart cities which in turn are … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2017: The truth about US storms and climate change

Hurricane season 2017: The truth about US storms and climate change It’s been almost 12 years since Hurricane Katrina obliterated the city of New Orleans in 2005 during the most … Continue reading

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NASA Declares May Hottest Ever Recorded. And more…

NASA Declares May Hottest Ever Recorded 2015 may have been the warmest year on record, but it seems the month of May just managed to beat last years temperatures. In … Continue reading

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How dust from the Sahara fuels poisonous bacteria blooms in the Caribbean. And more

28% of US bees wiped out this winter, suggesting bigger environmental issues More than a quarter of American honeybee colonies were wiped out over the winter, with deadly infestations of … Continue reading

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How to be resilient: 10 life hacks to help you beat stress. And more.

Scientists want to use nanobots to suck pollutants from the ocean Swarms of graphene-coated nanobots could be our best hope yet of cleaning up the murky oceans, with scientists demonstrating … Continue reading

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