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Crisis management: lessons learned from natural disasters

  Double crisis: Natural disasters don’t stop for coronavirus The COVID-19 pandemic is a complex worldwide emergency without contemporary precedent. In every nation around the globe, the pandemic reaction is … Continue reading

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4 ways to build organisational resilience

Elder Millenials Are The Most Resilient Generation Technically, I’m a Millennial. According to the Pew Research Center, anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is a Millennial, and I was born … Continue reading

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Can AI predict the next big flood before it happens?

The COVID College Experience: Building Resilience, Finding Structure And Maintaining Connection The COVID-19 experience represents a traumatic experience for everyone. The combination of stressors seems limitless, and includes fear of … Continue reading

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COVID-19 is a call for a resilient globalization

Important lessons in disaster and risk management AIM professor shares leadership principles in responding to the present crisis Unlike natural disasters that the country has learned to brace for, the … Continue reading

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The 10 Most Unforgettable Weather Disasters of the 2010s

Nature-based climate solutions go beyond planting trees Rumour has it that the federal government is considering a major investment in using nature to reduce greenhouse gases and to mitigate climate … Continue reading

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How to live with mega-fires? Portugal’s feral forests may hold the secret.

  Build Resilience, Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout I talk about these subjects a lot, but there’s some good reasons for that. Modern living is more often than not stressful living … Continue reading

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Investigating economic, environmental impacts of natural disasters

  Storm brewing over cyclone insurance proposal Insurance companies are pressing for stronger action on climate change to deal with soaring premiums for Australians exposed to natural disasters, amid a … Continue reading

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What does the future of climate resilience look like? Experts weigh in!

On the frontline of hurricane disaster Gator Halpern is in no doubt at all that climate change is wreaking havoc. The founder of Coral Vita, 2018’s Young Champion of the … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and the built environment

The need for adaptation technology in the face of natural disasters Sobulen Sarder of Mongla village was leading a happy life with his wife, daughter and son. Besides his house, … Continue reading

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Disaster preparedness lessons from Israel

  Venice is sinking and this time it may go under rom its founding in the Early Middle Ages, Venice has had a fraught relationship with the sea, dependent on … Continue reading

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Climate change more than doubled the odds of Houston’s most recent deluge, study finds

How to Make Sandbags to Contain Flooding Caused by severe weather, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes and tsunamis, flooding damages property, disrupts ecosystems and kills people. Smart city planning reduces the … Continue reading

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Fukushima contaminants found as far north as Alaska’s Bering Strait

Hurricane Maria inflicted tree damage unprecedented in modern times A new study finds that the storm killed or severely damaged up to 40 million trees in Puerto Rico; suggests future … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria Drives Up Connecticut’s Homelessness Numbers

Irma recovery, a stolen gold bar and a call from God. Here are the Top 25 Keys stories In the year that followed Hurricane Irma, the Keys continued to feel … Continue reading

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The promotion of resilience as a communication challenge

Rich, white towns are getting more hurricane recovery help than others Small, rich, white towns in southeast Texas are getting a disproportionate amount in federal disaster recovery funds following Hurricane … Continue reading

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A Global Heat Wave Has Set the Arctic Circle on Fire

Somerset Regional Council secures $138k to fund new flood studies FIVE rural communities will be protected from flooding under new council flood studies and floodplain management plans. Somerset Regional Council … Continue reading

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La Nina-like ocean cooling patterns intensify northwestern Pacific tropical cyclones

Know Your Flood Risk and Landmark Information longlisted for the 2017 Responsible Business Awards The Know Your Flood Risk campaign and Landmark Information are celebrating after being Longlisted for the … Continue reading

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California’s next megaflood would be worse than eight Hurricane Katrinas

Extreme weather and us Is extreme weather really increasing? How are people coping with more severe drought, flooding, heat waves and storms? In a multimedia series of stories that span … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Does mitigation save? Reviewing cost-benefit analyses of disaster risk reduction The benefit-cost-ratio (BCR), used in cost-benefit analysis (CBA), is an indicator that attempts to summarize the overall value for money … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

OECD: Countries must improve resilience to disasters or face mounting costs Boosting Resilience through Innovative Risk Governance estimates that earthquakes, social unrest, industrial accidents, terror attacks, pandemics and other disruptive … Continue reading


Resilience NEWS

The Year That Resilience Gets Real 2014 promises to be a superlative year—and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Complex, “super” disasters like Super Typhoon Haiyan are becoming more frequent, … Continue reading


Resilience NEWS

Christmas Deluge Brings Disaster to Eastern Caribbean KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Dic 26 (IPS) – Colleen James arrived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines from Canada two days before Christmas hoping … Continue reading


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UN chief calls for more aid to Philippines  The United Nations Secretary-General has warned of a “forgotten crisis” in the Philippines and urged the international community to increase its aid … Continue reading


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Floods hit drought-stricken parts of Brazil Torrential rain has caused flooding across parts of eastern Brazil after an extremely wet few days. The massive downpours have been going on for … Continue reading


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Why we give more after natural disasters People are far more inclined to help victims of natural disaster than victims of armed conflict, even when there’s a similar magnitude of … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Breaking the culture of reliance Experts say city dwellers are unprepared for major natural disasters, a special report by Margot O’Neill…   Flooding risk data wrong (Tweed Heads, NSW) The … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Residents urged to ‘get ready’ as disaster program launches (Queensland Government) THE Minister for Community Recovery and Resilience David Crisafulli has urged all Queenslanders to start preparing now ahead of the disaster … Continue reading

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