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Natural disasters: What would you take?

Natural disasters: What would you take? Someone tell Mother Nature to calm down because, at this rate, we might not make it to the next decade!To be fair, part of … Continue reading

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Hurricane season has arrived. Here’s what to expect.

People just give up’: Low-income hurricane victims slam federal relief programs Nine months after Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the Gulf Coast, green grass has … Continue reading

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California can look forward to more extreme dry-wet “climate whiplash”

The Harrowing Floods of Bangladesh, in Photos “I am documenting what’s around me not only as a photojournalist, but also as a victim,” Jashim Salam says. In Chittagong, Bangladesh, where … Continue reading

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Will 2018 Bring Massive Earthquakes? Earth Could Enter High Seismic Activity Period

Will 2018 Bring Massive Earthquakes? Earth Could Enter High Seismic Activity Period As the new year dawns on us, the first horrible news is already out for the year. Scientists … Continue reading

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Houston’s Resilience Has Always Been Echoed In Its Music

Resilience in the face of disaster Ever wondered how you’d fare in a disaster situation like the scene that’s unfolding in East Texas? There are lots of reasons (think Windstorm … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

With All The Natural Disasters, Should You Still Hire From The Philippines? Yes, absolutely. Because hiring Filipino online workers still makes a lot of business sense. I know with Typhoon … Continue reading


Resilience NEWS

India least prepared for risks after African countries: Report As Cyclone Phailin slammed the coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, the World Development Report for 2014 said India is least prepared … Continue reading

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