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The Pandemic and Natural Disasters Are Colliding Again

  Physicists: 90% Chance of Human Society Collapsing Within Decades Deforestation coupled with the rampant destruction of natural resources will soon have devastating effects on the future of society as … Continue reading

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Massive wildfires are permanently altering Australia’s landscape, scientists say

  Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales Damaging winds produced by thunderstorms across central New South Wales have whipped up dust storms that turned daytime into … Continue reading

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Coders are the new superheroes of natural disasters

Sydney ‘scores badly’ for climate resilience compared to global cities Sydney is poorly prepared for the impacts of climate change and related disasters compared to other global cities, with a … Continue reading

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Despite Funding Loss, Cities Vow to Continue Resilience Push

Paradise, California and the impossible choice between climate fight and flight On the morning of November 8, 2018, clouds of black smoke rose above the community of Paradise, California, raining … Continue reading

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Beyond Katrina: Other Recent Louisiana Landfalls with High-Impact Storm-Surge Flooding

Climate change could intensify DC floods, but engineering can help It was a rough morning commute for many on Monday, July 8, in Washington, DC. Severe flooding ensued after four … Continue reading

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6 Facets of Resilience

  Skills of the future are ‘empathy, teamwork and resilience’, says Matthew Taylor The author of the government’s official review of working practices has said every individual should have a … Continue reading

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Floods, fire and drought: Australia, a country in the grip of extreme weather bingo

Fungi after the floods: how to get rid of mould to protect your health As Townsville residents continue the clean-up following January’s flooding, microscopic fungi, commonly called mould, will be … Continue reading

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Climate change spells disaster for small businesses in southern Africa

New Community Resilience Benchmarks Focus on Building Stock The International Code Council (ICC) and the Alliance for National and Community Resilience (ANCR) released a pilot document laying out their community … Continue reading

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Scientist to discuss how we can adapt — and improve our survival — to future natural disasters

  Camp Fire survivor faces second natural disaster in one month Heavy rain Thursday led to flooding and muddy conditions on Centerville Road in Chico, leaving behind even more damage … Continue reading

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Japan weather bureau sees 60 percent chance of El Niño emerging in autumn

Boston faces a daunting future of rising seas Boston got a wake-up call earlier this year when the first of a string of nor’easter storms hit just as the tide … Continue reading

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How to Develop Incredible Mental Toughness for Health, Work, and Life

Resilient City | Definition, Attributes and Features The definition of resilience has been evolving and adapted in different context and principles across various disciplines. It is important to examine different … Continue reading

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How to be a more resilient business leader

Earth’s Continued Warming Has Taken Us into Uncharted Territory Record high temperatures, unprecedented sea-ice lows, and the highest carbon dioxide levels in four million years—but what happens next is up … Continue reading

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Freakishly Resilient Plants Managed to Survive a 450-Day Ordeal in Outer Space

Thanks to Climate Change, The World’s Storms Are getting More Dangerous Removing the climate change page from the White House site won’t do anything to slow the damage to our … Continue reading

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Sydney homeowners face properties being reduced in value because of climate change

Tricia Andreassen Releases New Book On Resilience and Hits #1 In New Release Category Author and Spiritual Growth Teacher, Tricia Andreassen Releases New Book On Building Resilience In The Storm … Continue reading

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This is what climate change looks like

This is what climate change looks like photo exhibition is showing the effects of climate change to world leaders and climate change experts.  Entitled “Climate Change — In Focus,” it … Continue reading

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Hurricane coming? You’d better believe it this time

Hurricane coming? You’d better believe it this time Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive storms in US history, struck New Jersey four years ago this weekend. It left hundreds … Continue reading

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“Climate Change Did It!” Is a Convenient Excuse

The stark reality of covering Hurricane Matthew in Haiti The Haitian city of Jeremie was completely destroyed. With a bird’s eye view from inside a plane, I could see that … Continue reading

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This Video of Hurricane Matthew From Space Is Absolutely Terrifying

This Video of Hurricane Matthew From Space Is Absolutely Terrifying Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful Atlantic tropical storm in almost a decade, according to NBC News—and, as you’d expect, … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Colima volcano erupts, local communities evacuated

Scientists Just Discovered a Major New Source of Carbon Emissions File this under bad news for humanity’s climate ambitions: The dams and reservoirs we use to harness ‘clean’ hydroelectric power … Continue reading

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Financial Resilience in Australia

‘Ships will sail over the North Pole by 2017’ The North Pole could be free of sea ice next summer or the one after, according to a leading climate scientist, … Continue reading

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California fire of ‘intensity never seen before’ forces thousands to flee

“Climate change affects everyone” It is important to seek solutions to displacement caused by climate change, because eventually it will affect all of us, says NORCAP-expert Yohannes Hagos Subagadis. This … Continue reading

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The Four Best Weather Apps (Plus a Bonus for Storm Geeks)

Scientists have found a perfect illustration of how the climate is spiraling ‘out of control’ Several months ago, climate scientist Ed Hawkins made headlines with a stunning animated visualization of … Continue reading

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Are waterborne cities more resistant to climate change?

Hottest half-year on record sinks Arctic ice to new lows Last month, scientists reported an earlier-than-normal annual melting of Arctic sea ice, and now NASA researchers taking further stock of … Continue reading

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Radiation bombardment from ancient supernovae may have triggered climate change

Radiation bombardment from ancient supernovae may have triggered climate change Shakespeare said that the fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves. Maybe, but scientists at the University of … Continue reading

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NASA Declares May Hottest Ever Recorded. And more…

NASA Declares May Hottest Ever Recorded 2015 may have been the warmest year on record, but it seems the month of May just managed to beat last years temperatures. In … Continue reading

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Sydney wipeout: Residents evacuated. Climate Change Does Have A Face. And more…

Climate Change Does Have A Face, We Just Need To Open Our Eyes As floods consume Paris, in Ethiopia the wind is again blowing dust into the sky. El Nino … Continue reading

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The wildfire ripping through Canada could be the costliest natural disaster in its history…And more

The wildfire ripping through Canada could be the costliest natural disaster in its history Alberta (Reuters) – Canadian officials on Sunday showed some optimism for the first time that they … Continue reading

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Resettling the First American ‘Climate Refugees’

Obama administration warns of ‘climate refugees’ due to rapid Arctic warming The Obama administration has warned the US will need to deal with a wave of “climate refugees” as the … Continue reading

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Defining community resilience…and more.

Legarda: With more disasters looming, what are presidentiables’ plans for climate change? The Philippines is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, with the events of 2013 continuing to haunt … Continue reading

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Why is 2016 smashing heat records?…and more

Why is 2016 smashing heat records? Yet another global heat record has been beaten. It appears January 2016 – the most abnormally hot month in history, according to Nasa – … Continue reading

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Australian man’s houses outlast Cyclone Winston…and more

Australian man’s houses outlast Cyclone Winston Aussie’s dwellings cost $13,000, can be built in five days and may be cyclone proof. Cheap, sturdy houses designed by an Australian man have … Continue reading

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Severed feet – still inside shoes – keep mysteriously washing up in US, Canada

UN Report Links Natural Disasters, Climate Change A new United Nations report finds that climate change and El Nino had a strong influence on natural disasters in 2015. It says … Continue reading

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California City Misused Disaster Relief Funds…and more

Early 2014 UK flooding made more likely by climate change In places like California, researchers have been working to understand how climate change is affecting droughts. But in the UK, … Continue reading

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Ocean warming worsened 2011 floods: researchers…and more

Ocean warming worsened 2011 floods: researchers Researchers have found long-term warming in the Pacific and Indian oceans played a role in making Queensland’s 2011 floods far worse than they otherwise … Continue reading

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Boston company wants employees to find ‘resilience’ in the workplace…and more

Boston company wants employees to find ‘resilience’ in the workplace If you’ve been feeling increasingly stressed at work, you’re not alone. Multiple studies have shown that over the past few … Continue reading

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monster storms like Hurricane Patricia are just the beginning…and more

One simple equation explains why experts think monster storms like Hurricane Patricia are just the beginning Last month, Hurricane Patricia shattered records as the strongest storm ever recorded in the … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Asia flooding: Hundreds dead, 1 million displaced as monsoon rains hit Myanmar, India, Pakistan Monsoon rains have claimed the lives of hundreds of people across Asia as rescue workers scrambled … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

NICTA tool to help manage natural disasters National ICT Australia (NICTA) has created a tool that helps governments and insurance companies better manage locations prone to natural disasters and reduce … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Rains That Caused Deadly Texas Floods Also Ended Historic Drought With 23 people dead so far in Texas flooding, and more rain on the way, it is easy to overlook … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

The Hidden Hand Behind ‘Natural’ Disasters Floods and droughts in many parts of the world are getting ever more frequent and intense. Scientists have long warned that a changing climate … Continue reading

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