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How The ‘Lost Art’ Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep And Resilience

Building for a flooded future: Architects are designing for the new climate reality limate change is making cities more susceptible to flooding. According to a 2019 study, global sea levels … Continue reading

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Resilience Is Not Just a Buzzword

Building resilient cities, a post-coronavirus necessity Some economists and social scientists believe that should not be returned to the current dense life because large cities are more vulnerable to viruses … Continue reading

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In Houston, Coronavirus Tests A City Known For Its Resilience

  Fears for wildlife recovery after bushfires as coronavirus crisis stymies scientists’ fieldwork Scientists are being forced to shut down or scale back fieldwork to assess the impact of last … Continue reading

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Coders are the new superheroes of natural disasters

Sydney ‘scores badly’ for climate resilience compared to global cities Sydney is poorly prepared for the impacts of climate change and related disasters compared to other global cities, with a … Continue reading

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A Call to Action for Corporate America: Change Disaster Response from Relief to Resiliency

How one Texas town built IT resilience For cities and towns across America, recent ransomware attacks are a stark wakeup call signaling the importance of mitigating risk, strengthening data protection … Continue reading

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What Black History Month Can Teach Us About Resilience

  Preparing for resilience in disasters With large-scale disasters from coast to coast fresh on the minds of many, the importance of emergency preparedness is especially pertinent. Most recently, for … Continue reading

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As environmental catastrophe unfolds, we need architecture that is more than just green

Puerto Rico received lopsided hurricane disaster aid compared to Texas and Florida, study says In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hit the United States in August and September. The … Continue reading

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Financing Resilience: How Environmental Impact Bonds Can Help Louisiana

Here’s how to design cities where people and nature can both flourish Urban nature has a critical role to play in the future liveability of cities. An emerging body of … Continue reading

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Losses from natural disasters at 13-year low in H1 – Munich Re

  First leg of 2020 Olympic torch relay to start in Fukushima The Olympic torch relay will start in Fukushima Prefecture in 2020 to reinforce the image that the Tokyo … Continue reading

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  Deadly floods are wreaking havoc in northeast India again Over the past few days, floods have hit several states, claiming the lives of at least 25 people and displacing … Continue reading

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For better resiliency, don’t just try to defeat nature—work with it

Natural disaster forecasting to be mapped Decision No 705, signed on June 7 by Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, approved the natural disaster forecasting programme to assess, map and … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Releases Resilience Strategy

  Major floods twice as common as 30 years ago, data shows Major floods have become almost twice as frequent as they were 30 years ago, according to figures from … Continue reading

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Drought-hit Cape Town learns lessons hard way

By 2100 Cities Are Going To Become Unbearably Warm A heat wave is one of the deadliest forms of environmental extreme, and in the concrete jungle of a city its … Continue reading

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How working with wetlands can reduce flood risks in cities

Need of the hour is shift from cyber security to cyber resilience The global cyber security industry needs to develop its people, processes, policies and technologies to collectively rebuild the … Continue reading

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Oregon is unprepared to deal with major earthquake, tsunami, says audit

Oregon is unprepared to deal with major earthquake, tsunami, says audit Oregon is nowhere near ready to deal with a catastrophic earthquake or tsunami like the predicted Big One, according … Continue reading

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How can we measure resilience?

Weaving Resiliency Into The Fabric Of Your Organization A disaster can leave a business in tatters, either literally taking it down like an extreme weather event can do, or leaving … Continue reading

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Biodiversity for Resilience Against Natural Disasters

Toronto Millennials are killing stereotypes by giving back to their city More than 90 of Toronto’s Millennial and Gen X philanthropists are bucking stereotypes about their generations and collectively pledging … Continue reading

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To Become More Resilient, Boston Takes a “Landscape First” Approach

To Become More Resilient, Boston Takes a “Landscape First” Approach Instead of simply responding to catastrophe, Boston is getting out front on climate change. As part of its Climate Ready … Continue reading

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When an Earthquake Hits Next Door

Raised stepping stones allow Dutch bridge to remain accessible during a flood Rising water levels don’t cause many problems for this bridge in the Dutch city of Nijmegen – it … Continue reading

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How New York City is tackling a mental health crisis spurred by Hurricane Sandy

Water world: floating architecture is a booming business, thanks to Dutch design A famous saying credits the Dutch for having literally created the Netherlands. This does justice to Holland’s formidable … Continue reading

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These Cities May Be At Risk Of Drowning Due To Global Warming, According To NASA

These Cities May Be At Risk Of Drowning Due To Global Warming, According To NASA While the effects of melting glaciers on Earth’s sea levels have been widely cited, NASA concluded Wednesday … Continue reading

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New study links natural disaster with revolutions

Boston-area transit spends $101M in weather resilience investments Every region has its transportation challenges; in the Northeast, a major challenge comes in the form of weather. MBTA’s preparations are essential to … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Matter if Cities Are Climate Change–Proof if No One Can Afford to Live in Them

Instead of Fighting Sea Level Rise, This Town Is Embracing It Superstorm Sandy hit the quiet beach community of Tottenville on Staten Island hard. Two of the more than 14,000 … Continue reading

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What have we learned from disasters so far?

We need to rethink how we talk about infrastructure after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma The wonky words infrastructure and resilience have circulated widely of late, particularly since Hurricanes Harvey and … Continue reading

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Coastal Cities Are Increasingly Vulnerable, and So Is the Economy that Relies on Them

Coastal Cities Are Increasingly Vulnerable, and So Is the Economy that Relies on Them There was a time a decade or two ago when society could have made a choice … Continue reading

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We can’t afford to build cities the way we built Houston anymore

Hurricane Harvey First Responder Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Texas Storm Water A man in Texas says he got infected with flesh-eating bacteria while helping his neighbors in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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How ‘Decent Work’ And Climate Resilience Grow Together

How ‘Decent Work’ And Climate Resilience Grow Together There once was a general view that you had to choose either to promote jobs and economic growth or to protect the … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Resilience

The Dark Side of Resilience Resilience, defined as the psychological capacity to adapt to stressful circumstances and to bounce back from adverse events, is a highly sought-after personality trait in … Continue reading

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The top 10 countries for supply chain resilience

The top 10 countries for supply chain resilience Every year, FM Global, a mutual insurance company, ranks 130 of the world’s countries on their supply chain resilience. Its Global Resilience … Continue reading

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Boosting resilience to modern-day threats – what is it worth?

Chief Resilience Officers Tie Economic Stability for All to Disaster Recovery in Cities A flood forced 100,000 people to evacuate Santa Fe, Argentina, in 2003. More than 150 people died … Continue reading

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200 cities to use new tool to improve disaster-related resilience this year

Tropical Cyclone 02B develops in the Bay of Bengal This year’s rainy season has arrived with a vengeance across Sri Lanka. At least 146 people have died in the floods … Continue reading

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How is the New Jersey Meadowlands planning for climate change?

How is the New Jersey Meadowlands planning for climate change? Although many in the tristate area know it as a place to just drive through, the New Jersey Meadowlands is … Continue reading

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If disease, natural disaster or terrorism strikes, would South Carolina be prepared? Study says the answer is no

Gruntify Key in Tropical Cyclone Debbie Response This week, Queensland Government organised briefing on Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Key stakeholders across government, army and corporate sectors were invited to hear an … Continue reading

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Four dead after tornado strikes Mississippi inflicting ‘massive damage’

Four dead after tornado strikes Mississippi inflicting ‘massive damage’ Four people were killed, roofs were ripped from homes and churches and trees were torn from the earth early on Saturday … Continue reading

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Firefighting blamed for ‘megafires’ ravaging US forests

Water-short Singapore charts a course toward self-sufficiency Singapore may seem like an unlikely model for the rest of the world when it comes to water management. The island nation has … Continue reading

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Infoporn: the 40 cities on the edge of disaster

Infoporn: the 40 cities on the edge of disaster A simple equation reveals how close many cities are to disaster. WIRED presents 40 on the brink…     Climate changes … Continue reading

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The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has launched its new Disaster Resilience Benchmarking Tool

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has launched its new Disaster Resilience Benchmarking Tool to help community organisations get ready in the event of an emergency or disaster. Resilient … Continue reading

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Resilient Melbourne launched! And more…

Resilient Melbourne launched! The launch of the strategy coincided with the announcement of 37 additional cities around the world joining the 100 Resilient Cities network, and beginning the process of … Continue reading

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Cyclone Roanu. World Cities “Woefully Unprepared” for Climate Change-Induced Risks. And more…

Cyclone Roanu: Half a million flee in Bangladesh It made landfall at noon local time (06:00 GMT) on Saturday, causing floods, landslides and submerging homes. The storm system has since … Continue reading

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Resilience as ‘learnable skill’. And more…

Helping struggling teachers to help themselves The Australian Education Union’s (AEU) 2015 State of Our Schools report found that teachers are under greater levels of stress in the classroom due … Continue reading

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Canada wildfire likely to burn for months…and more

Changing Tides: How the Mirabeau Water Garden Could Shift the Way New Orleanians Think About Water At the site of the future Mirabeau Water Garden, located on the north end … Continue reading

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A Community-Minded Approach to Resilience in Berkeley. Alberta wildfires.

‘Nothing short of terrifying’: Alberta wildfires grow eight times in size When she spotted a small circle of orange flames flickering in the trees outside, Erica Decker knew she had … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Resilience, Backed by Research

Be prepared: 25 disaster support hubs set up across Vancouver The City of Vancouver has designated 25 sites across the region as disaster support hubs as part of its earthquake … Continue reading

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Language and earthquakes: Insights in disaster response. City resilience strategy. And more

Boulder Unveils ‘Resilience Strategy’ To Plan For Natural Disasters City of Boulder officials are taking a unique approach to planning for future natural disasters and challenges. The city unveiled its … Continue reading

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Berkeley first city in region to develop resilience strategy. And more…

Berkeley first city in region to develop resilience strategy City of Berkeley officials released an ambitious plan aimed at helping the city tackle numerous important issues, including natural disasters, climate … Continue reading

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Scottish business owners warned of cyber crime hacks raiding smartphones …and more about resilience

Scottish business owners warned of cyber crime hacks raiding smartphones Technology experts have warned that businesses using their smartphone are at risk of having their devices ‘raided’. Criminals can intercept … Continue reading

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Resilience and urban design…and more

Resilience and urban design Future cities provide a fertile ground to integrate and synthesise different properties of space and help us realise our abilities to become more resilient. Rapid urbanisation … Continue reading

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Want to build sustainable, resilient cities? Start with quality infrastructure…and more

The Snowzilla Snowball Winter Storm Jonas hit the East coast of the U.S. last weekend, and dropped an estimated 6.6 trillion cubic feet of snow, with 2.7 billion cubic feet … Continue reading

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Relationships with animals should be considered in disasters…and more

Relationships with animals should be considered in disasters – review Researchers say owners of pets can consider them an extension of their own identity – an important thing to bear … Continue reading

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Scientists Cleverly Use Cargo Ships For New Tsunami Warning System…and more

Scientists Cleverly Use Cargo Ships For New Tsunami Warning System Sometimes public-private partnerships make so much sense you wonder why they didn’t happen sooner. When it comes to understanding and … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

In rural Greece, quiet resilience in the face of economic calamity KARITAINA, GREECE—Ilias Mathes has protection against bank closures, capital controls and the slashing of his pension: 10 goats, some … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Cities need more than techno-fixes to build resilience Rapid urbanisation and climate change are exerting overwhelming pressure on cities in the developing world. And there is a sense among some … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Strong cyclone lashes India’s eastern seaboard, killing at least 2 A powerful cyclone pounded a large swath of India’s eastern seaboard with heavy rain and strong winds Sunday, killing at … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Flood Insurance and Catastrophe Flood insurance is not something that many homeowners have, but they don’t necessarily know that they don’t have it. This is because flood protection is not … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Assessing the cultural damage Besides structures, there is also a need to think about movable heritage such as paintings, statues, and the like, said Ms. Tandom. The biggest concern is … Continue reading


Resilience NEWS

Is the world ready for another tsunami? “We learn geology the morning after the earthquake,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Since the beginnings of recorded history, mankind has struggled with the … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Emergence of ‘resilience-building’ as key to reduce hunger On 14 October, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), along with Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe, published a report supporting that resilience … Continue reading

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