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Is Your Organization Resilient and Agile?

  6 classifications of workers, based on burnout risk Depending on their personality, some workers are more prone to burnout than others, according to meQuilibrium’s report, “Ready or at Risk- … Continue reading

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Increasing Resilience During A Recession: Three Factors Of Successful Companies

Hurricanes are making spiders more aggressive: It’s rapid evolution at work In the wake of natural disasters such as hurricanes, some spider populations are becoming more aggressive.  According to a … Continue reading

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Most UK firms lack confidence in disaster recovery

‘We are human beings’: Training course helps police officers increase resilience Helping police officers in northwestern Ontario build resilience and better cope with the often traumatic nature of their jobs … Continue reading

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How IT pros are building resilience against email security threats

Fujitsu launches Canberra Cyber Resilience Centre Fujitsu says the CRC next-generation Security Operations Centre provides a centralised model for the management of new core Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) offerings and the continuous … Continue reading

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Abandon All Hope: Moving Toward an Existentialist Environmentalism

Aussie psychology conference aims to strengthen communities in wake of disasters In an age of worsening natural disasters, climate change and the brutal shock of recurring terrorist attacks, now more … Continue reading

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Preparing refugee populations for the coming monsoon season

  Preparing refugee populations for the coming monsoon season With the monsoon season just around the corner, 700,000 Rohingya refugees brace themselves for cyclonic winds, never ending rain and deadly … Continue reading

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Business resilience for micro, small and medium enterprises

Cyclones Idai and Kenneth: International partners pledge support for reconstruction and resilience building for Mozambique Beira, Mozambique – An international pledging conference in the central Mozambique city of Beira has … Continue reading

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As climate change makes disasters worse, philanthropy needs to think long term

  Businesses Say They Are Climate Resilient – but Most Don’t Actually Have a Plan A majority of US business leaders – 59% – say their companies are climate resilient, … Continue reading

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Can Online Tools Help Employees Build Resilience?

Zurich recognized for ‘outstanding’ disaster review program Zurich Insurance has been recognized with an Outstanding Achievement Award from the 2019 National Hurricane Conference. The insurer earned the award for its … Continue reading

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Resilience guide for universities

Improving railroad cyber-threat resilience Cyberattacks against critical infrastructure have been increasing dramatically and have been well-reported in the press. What has not been as widely noted is that the nature … Continue reading

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The waters are rising, the floods are coming. What are we doing to save ourselves?

This is how our changing climate could increase the risk we face from hurricanes When tropical cyclone Idai made landfall near Beira, Mozambique on March 14, a spokesperson for the … Continue reading

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Increasing Your Business’s Recession Resilience

BS67000: setting the standard for city resilience City resilience is critically important to economic, organizational, and community well-being. This has been recognised by the development of a standard for city … Continue reading

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Climate resilience: More than a third of Londoners think city can’t cope with natural disasters

Business resilience should be a core company strategy, so why are businesses struggling to take action? A recent survey showed that only 51% of U.S. business decision makers say their … Continue reading

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Determine Your Business’ Resilience to Climate Change

U.S. Suffers Seventh-Highest Disaster Death Toll in World in 2018 Extreme weather events including droughts and wildfires accounted for most of the natural hazards that affected more than 60 million … Continue reading

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Five Resilience Trends to Watch in 2019

Business continuity trends and challenges 2019: survey results The survey asked respondents: ‘What level of changes do you expect to see in the way your organization manages business continuity during … Continue reading

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How do you teach children to be resilient? Ask a limbless veteran

  Here’s why Amazon would buy an obscure Israeli company that specializes in disaster recovery Resilience means having a good plan to recover lost data. This requires backing up tons … Continue reading

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11 Ways To Maintain Your Resilience While Travelling For Business

Cyber Resilience a Top Concern for Financial Firms The majority of financial firms rank cyber-resilience as their top concern, with people, visibility and third-party risk key challenges, according to the … Continue reading

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Is your business prepared for disasters?

Fighting fires with “forest resilience” bonds The rocky Yuba River meanders in a remote corner of California. It’s here that insurers, environmentalists and venture capital firms are joining forces to … Continue reading

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How incremental automation adds resilience to supply chain

Media firm to reward resilient brands at summit In recognition of businesses’ resilience and excellence despite the harsh operating business environment in the country, Awesome Brands Magazine, in conjunction with … Continue reading

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Some Scientists Say Natural Disasters Shouldn’t Be Called Disasters.

Japan’s Exports Unexpectedly Fall After Natural Disasters Japan’s exports unexpectedly fell in September — the first drop in almost two years — as natural disasters disrupted economic activity, while higher … Continue reading

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Change How You Think About Risk. Your Company May Depend On It

Stories of resilience from Kerala floods and the challenges the state faces The grim situation in Kerala, where at least 324 people have died in rain-related incidents since May 29, … Continue reading

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Stress in the modern age

How the psychology of the England football team could change your life This week, the England midfielder Dele Alli was asked if he was nervous about the big tests up … Continue reading

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Key tips to building a future-focused, resilient small business

Staying Power: Maintaining Resiliency In Family Businesses So, what is that makes Indian business families stay together? Resilience. This is both the cause and the effect. With effective succession planning, … Continue reading

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Hurricane worries prompt refiner Motiva to shift expansion plans

Still-Crippled Puerto Rico Shows Why U.S. Disaster Relief Needs Improvement A particularly damning report published by the New England Journal of Medicine, which can hardly be characterized as fake news, … Continue reading

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85% of organisations could not survive without mission-critical IT systems – report

Top 10 global business interruption risks While business interruption repeatedly heads up the list of the greatest risks to businesses globally, newspaper headlines may be preventing leaders from identifying the … Continue reading

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The biggest hurricanes are gaining power faster than before

It’s a risky business, not having a continuity plan Such a register normally includes a description of a risk occurring, a description of the impact a realised risk could have … Continue reading

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Want To Make Your Company Resilient? Start With An Inspiring Mission

The Resilient Leader America is stressed out. For the last ten years, the American Psychological Association (APA) has conducted an annual survey on stress in America. Work consistently tops the … Continue reading

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After quakes, manufacturers step up business continuity planning

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Disasters in the Pacific Disaster events have lasting impacts on people, communities, and socioeconomic development. Countries in the Pacific are among the most exposed, globally, … Continue reading

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Why is business so resistant to talking about climate resilience?

Making disaster resilience an intrinsic part of cultural heritage sites The guideline, which is in its draft stage at the moment, was developed by the Department of Culture in collaboration … Continue reading

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Nine Ways To Build Resilience As A Leader

  Why SMEs should prioritise employee wellbeing Mental health is clearly the hot topic at the moment and rightly so, with one in four of us reportedly likely to have … Continue reading

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L.A. Bets That Equity Is the Path to Resilience

A guide to help your business survive after a disaster The days and weeks immediately following a natural disaster can feel overwhelming for any business owner. While your family and … Continue reading

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‘Really extreme’ global weather event leaves scientists aghast

REPORT IDENTIFIES POLICIES FOR MAKING US HEALTH SECTOR MORE RESILIENT TO MAJOR DISASTERS The health sector in the United States would be far better positioned to manage medical care needs … Continue reading

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Researcher’s fieldwork builds understanding of community resilience, recovery in face of disaster

How confident are you in your business’s ability to recover? According to Davies, organisations should be building resilience competence that does not just address business continuity. “This resilience should be … Continue reading

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How working with wetlands can reduce flood risks in cities

Need of the hour is shift from cyber security to cyber resilience The global cyber security industry needs to develop its people, processes, policies and technologies to collectively rebuild the … Continue reading

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Small businesses need disaster plans for bad behavior

Cyclone Ockhi: Naval ships searched over 4.5 lakh square miles, biggest disaster relief ops after 2004 tsunami Kochi: The Indian Navy’s rescue mission in the aftermath of Cyclone Ockhi was … Continue reading

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Building a Resilience Advantage in Healthcare

F oster patience and resilience in our youth   My recent piece in the week’s Sunday Nation about the end of formal employment drew intriguing comments, but one of them … Continue reading

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How Businesses Should Approach Social Media During Times of Disaster

What It’s Like to Evacuate a Museum in a Natural Disaster The journalist was not having it. He tailed the museum director out the door. “Are you looting the museum … Continue reading

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Building a resilient workforce

Green growth: It’s not business as usual RE: “Innovative financing ‘key to implementation of green growth agenda’” (The New Times, December 5). With green growth and climate resilience strategy, human … Continue reading

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Workplace compassion ‘is vital for business success’

Rare Manuscript Exhibit Explores How Climate Disasters Create Monsters In April 1815, a volcano in the East Indies erupted with cataclysmic force, releasing a plume of ash that circled the … Continue reading

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Disaster zones could soon be salvaged by teams of smart devices – here’s how

Businesses taught to be resilient to natural disasters THE Business Continuity Planning — Train the Trainers workshop held at the Takia Hotel in Labasa yesterday is expected to make businesses … Continue reading

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Tourist industry worldwide shows resilience to terror

Resilience Not Toughness – Award Winning Founder On Redefining Perceptions Of Women In Business Healthy snack company, Propercorn has come a long way in just six years.  Conceived by Cassandra … Continue reading

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Dutch flood expertise is big export business

Black Businesses More Likely to Have a Disaster Recovery Plan; How to Set Up Yours When it comes to dealing with unforeseen disasters that could cripple a business, black entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Big brands fail brand resilience test

  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria dealt a big blow to corporate America. More than 40% of companies in the S&P 500 that have reported third-quarter earnings so far mentioned … Continue reading

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How to achieve amazing business resilience

Three practical steps small businesses can take to promote mentally healthy workplaces Workplace managers are beginning to recognise the crippling cost that poor mental health can create. Recent media reports … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2017: what the hell just happened?

Hotel Forum: How to build a resilient business Donoghue (pictured), who is also a mayoral advisor, will explain how a crisis can unfold and what hospitality businesses can do when … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Resilience is Key

Flesh-Eating Bacteria’ Causes 2nd Death in Texas Since Hurricane Harvey A 31-year-old man who helped repair houses in Galveston, Tex., after Hurricane Harvey has died of a rare infection caused … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Actually, Finally Improve Company Culture

Arianna Huffington: 10 Ways to Actually, Finally Improve Company Culture There are endless truisms about the importance of company culture — so many that the idea of a strong culture … Continue reading

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New Research on Millennials by meQuilibrium Reveals They Have 3X More Stress about Success Than Baby Boomers but Bring More Empathy to the Workplace “With millennials making up more and … Continue reading

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From Katrina to Harvey: Five Ways Banks Are More Resilient to Disaster Today

Houston: Developers failing to follow wetlands mandate More than 38,000 acres of wetlands vanished in greater Houston over the past two decades despite a federal policy that “no net loss” … Continue reading

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On Hurricane Andrew’s 25th anniversary, we must prevent damage from monster storms

On Hurricane Andrew’s 25th anniversary, we must prevent damage from monster storms Twenty-five years ago Thursday, Hurricane Andrew made landfall in South Florida, forever altering the landscape and history of the … Continue reading

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Climate resilience – Future proofing your business

New Orleans under water: 12 years after Katrina, officials can’t get it right It is true: New Orleans lives and dies by its water. We eat from the Gulf, lake … Continue reading

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Prepare for natural disasters, experts urge biomedical research centers

Prepare for natural disasters, experts urge biomedical research centers When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, the storm destroyed scientific equipment worth more than US$20 million at the … Continue reading

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Why You Need To Hit Rock Bottom In Order To Succeed

Why You Need To Hit Rock Bottom In Order To Succeed I’m going to ask you to recollect what you consider to be your greatest challenge to date. Not one … Continue reading

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Why Businesses Need to Update Their DR Plan Now The first half of 2017 has seen some of the biggest cybersecurity attacks to hit companies around the world. In May, … Continue reading

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Trust In Resilience: Intangible assets: How they impact a company’s value

Trust In Resilience: Intangible assets: How they impact a company’s value Today, the full picture of a company’s value cannot be captured on a balance sheet because “value” is not … Continue reading

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Sheryl Sandberg Talks Personal Resilience

Sheryl Sandberg Talks Personal Resilience and Business Ruthlessness Emotional and professional ones, that is. The chief operating officer of Facebook and co-author of Option B, a recent memoir about her … Continue reading

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A case for freshwater resilience

Banks risk data damage to disasters Data centres of 58 per cent banks run the risk of being damaged in disasters like earthquake and fire due to their location in … Continue reading

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Japan steelmakers scramble for coking coal to make up Debbie losses

China looks to insurance to stem mounting disaster loss When heavy rains triggered floods in China last year, washing away homes, causing landslides and flooding farmland, the damage resulted in … Continue reading

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Business takes lead on climate disasters

Japan provides $1.6-b grant to boost disaster communication Jamaica’s communication capability before, during and after disasters is being significantly boosted through a J$1.6-billion (¥1.39-billion/US$12.58-million) grant from the Government of Japan. … Continue reading

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ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: Yangon lacking resilience to face future disasters

A guide to proactive disaster planning for small businesses A company’s survival depends on how prepared it is for natural or manmade disasters. A chemical spill, earthquake or tornado can … Continue reading

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Improving Business Resilience with Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Nurses’ trademark resilience can only last so long The New Zealand Nurses Organisations fifth biennial employment survey of its nurse membership reveals a steady decline of overall morale with specific … Continue reading

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Three Essential Elements of a Reliable Cyber Resilience Strategy

Three Essential Elements of a Reliable Cyber Resilience Strategy Next week’s NCSA Nasdaq Cybersecurity Summit in New York will focus government and private sector leaders on two priorities—developing a strategic … Continue reading

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Building business resilience

Building business resilience PLANNING to hit the beach these days means we also instinctively plan to protect ourselves with sunscreen, a hat, pair of sunnies and the right clothing. Not … Continue reading

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Canada’s private sector joins global resilience drive

Resilience Training Can Help Ease the Fast-Paced Work Life Workplace stress takes a toll on the mind and body. It can create agitation, sap energy and even cause physical pain. … Continue reading

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Tech firm makes app to help with business resilience

Armenia to increase disaster resilience Today Armenian Minister of Emergency Situations Davit Tonoyan and World Bank Country Manager for Armenia Laura Bailey discussed the directions of realization of Armenia’s National … Continue reading

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Weighing the Options for Disaster Recovery

Lawmaker proposes statewide ‘zombie preparedness month’ Illinoisans are facing a fiscal emergency. Homeowners are saddled with the nation’s highest property taxes, job creators have to navigate an uncompetitive workers’ compensation … Continue reading

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Louisiana Faces Faster Levels of Sea-Level Rise Than Any Other Land on Earth

Louisiana Faces Faster Levels of Sea-Level Rise Than Any Other Land on Earth These dire predictions were pulled from a new rewrite of the state’s Coastal Master Plan for 2017 … Continue reading

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Just How Big Can A Tsunami Get?

How to handle business continuity in a crisis Most businesses are critically reliant upon their IT systems. If these systems go down due to a natural disaster, temporary power outage, … Continue reading

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Defending Your Business Against Natural Disasters – A Look at Data Protection Solutions

Government says no to $200m disaster mitigation fund As Australia heads into its bushfire and cyclone season, the Turnbull government has a rejected a call for a $200 million a … Continue reading

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Make sure your business is flood resilient ready

Hurricanes become more costly In a couple of days the Atlantic hurricane season officially comes to a close. 2016 has been very active, with 15 named storms, seven of which … Continue reading

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Companies Lack Cyberattack Preparedness, Resilience

  Further floods threaten travel chaos across Britain Torrential rain has caused flash flooding and blocked roads and rain lines in swaths of the UK, causing widespread travel disruption and … Continue reading

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When The Lights Go Out, Will You Be Ready?

The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability Today’s executives are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of social, environmental, market, and technological trends. These require sophisticated, sustainability-based management. Yet executives … Continue reading

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NFPs Not Prepared for Extreme Weather Events

Natural disasters are costing more but killing less Radical change is needed in the way natural disasters are managed as they become bigger and more frequent due to climate change, … Continue reading

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Wellington forges ahead with resilience plan

Skull image of Hurricane Matthew spooks the Internet Hurricane Matthew is a monster storm. Now it has a monster image to match.  A sinister image of Hurricane Matthew, resembling a … Continue reading

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Here is how Global Warming could trigger the next financial crisis

Wellington’s 30-point plan to deal with the devastation of a major disaster Wellington homeowners could be forced to earthquake strengthen their houses if new regulations proposed to future-proof the city … Continue reading

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Make sure your health care organization is ready for natural disasters

Make sure your health care organization is ready for natural disasters Is your health care organization prepared to handle a natural disaster? A critical technology or vendor failure? The departure … Continue reading

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Building typhoon-resilience

  Business community launches first-ever disaster operations center While the majority of the Philippines sleeps, there are teams of people who are up, keeping watch over the country in case … Continue reading

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What next for cyber resilience?

What next for cyber resilience? Businesses are increasingly recognising cyber security and cyber resilience requires active and vigilant engagement by the board and senior executive team, and should not be … Continue reading

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AIR Worldwide announces new global resilience practice

  But…but where are your PRIORITIES?!? It’s time to review this IT shop’s disaster recovery plans, and the topic of staffing comes up, reports a longtime IT pilot fish who’s … Continue reading

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Disaster insurance experts: Business survival depends on preparedness, business continuity planning

China floods leave more than 120 dead, scores missing, state media says Flooding has forced some 1.3 million people to evacuate vast areas near China’s longest river and its connected … Continue reading

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‘Self-assessment fraud resilience’ tool available online. Calgary looks back at the 2013 floods.

Calgary looks back at the 2013 floods Three years ago Sunday was the beginning of one of the worst natural disaster in southern Alberta history.  Torrential rain began to fall … Continue reading

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4 ways HR managers can minimize natural disaster risks. And more…

In Natural Disasters, Companies Operate Like Neighbors When one thinks of progressives’ long list of capitalist villains, the oil industry is probably near the top. It stands accused of the … Continue reading

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IT resilience

IT resilience vs. disaster recovery: What’s better for your business? At last week’s ZertoCON business continuity conference, analysts from Gartner and Forrester both threw their support behind using the term … Continue reading

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Nobody saw this volcano erupt … except NASA’s satellites

Nobody saw this volcano erupt … except NASA’s satellites For the first time in 60 years, Mount Sourabaya erupted with a spectacular show of fiery lava — in fact, it … Continue reading

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From the helpdesk to the boardroom – why resilience matters. Drones used to fight the wildfire in Alberta… and more

From the helpdesk to the boardroom – why resilience matters Business resilience is an organisation’s ability to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operation, safeguarding people and assets … Continue reading

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How to Move From Cyber Risk to Business Resilience. And more

How to Move From Cyber Risk to Business Resilience Yet again, cyber attacks are the banking industry’s top target – and this was emphasised at this year’s SWIFT Business Forum … Continue reading

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Venezuela announces power cuts over drought

Deloitte to sponsor Abu Dhabi’s annual Business Continuity and Emergency Response Forum To highlight the importance of enabling practical and effective resilience and recovery capabilities for organizations in the Middle … Continue reading

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Is your small business prepared for a disaster?

Is your small business prepared for a disaster? As an insurance professional with more than 38 years of experience who has been on the ground many times when catastrophes strike, … Continue reading

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Hijacking, funerals, natural disasters? Let’s take a selfie

  Britain’s biggest companies are unprepared for a Brexit Britain’s biggest businesses are overwhelmingly supporting the country staying within the European Union. However, a majority of those companies are also … Continue reading

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Five ways leaders can develop better resilience. And more…

New Findings: Rapid Assessment of Disaster Damage Using Social Media The latest peer-reviewed, scientific research on social media & crisis computing has just been published in the prestigious journal, Science. … Continue reading

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The leader’s greatest lesson: building resilience to overcome uncertainty…and more

Fukushima Farmers Are Using Soil Made From Polyester It’s been five years since Japan’s Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima—and some consumers are still wary of produce grown … Continue reading

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Resilient Australia Awards. Disaster Resilient Future…and more.

Resilient Australia Awards The Resilient Australia Awards is a national program to recognise and promote initiatives which strengthen community disaster resilience across the nation, making our communities safer, stronger, more … Continue reading

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Scottish business owners warned of cyber crime hacks raiding smartphones …and more about resilience

Scottish business owners warned of cyber crime hacks raiding smartphones Technology experts have warned that businesses using their smartphone are at risk of having their devices ‘raided’. Criminals can intercept … Continue reading

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Disaster survivors aren’t helpless victims. Tourism shows resilience. And more…

Disaster survivors aren’t helpless victims: relief can be the enemy of recovery “Relief is the enemy of recovery” is a truism often cited after disasters. In other words, by focusing … Continue reading

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How resilient is your business?…and more

How resilient is your business? Most companies feel confident their businesses would continue without major disruption in the event of a disaster, a recent survey found. The matter is firmly … Continue reading

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Your Business has Been Damaged or Destroyed by a Natural Disaster, What now?

Your Business has Been Damaged or Destroyed by a Natural Disaster, What now? Every year, around the world, tens of thousands of small businesses are badly disrupted by natural disasters … Continue reading

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How Do Disaster-Prep Stock-Ups Affect Supermarket Sales?…and more

How Do Disaster-Prep Stock-Ups Affect Supermarket Sales? With every incoming hurricane or blizzard, thousands of people stock up on food, water, and supplies, just in case — leaving supermarket shelves … Continue reading

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East coast winter storm – in pictures…and more

El Niño Does Bring Floods And Drought, But There’s A Silver Lining El Niño is an ocean-warming phenomenon in the Pacific that crops up every few years and alters world … Continue reading

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Study Reveals the Connection Between Resilience and Positive Business Outcomes…and more

Induced Earthquakes Could Get Pretty Nasty, Thanks to Fracking Thanks to fracking and other injection processes, small earthquakes are the new normal in the American interior. That poses another, more … Continue reading

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If lightning strikes today, is your business toast?

‘Drowning World’: Photographs of Floods From Haiti to Germany For several years, the South Africa-born, London-based photographer Gideon Mendel has been photographing floods around the world. His approach is not … Continue reading

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Five ways to build business resilience in an uncertain world…and more

The three most resilient cities? They’re all in Canada Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary top a new report measuring the least vulnerable and most adaptive cities on the planet – while … Continue reading

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Cyber Defenses Should Emphasize Resilience As Well As Protection…and more

‘Build resilience to beat floods’ urges NFU Scotland With valuable topsoil stripped from fields, debris dumped on land, fences, buildings and farm houses damaged and livestock lost in the recent … Continue reading

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Business resilience: Role of the board…and more

Business resilience: Role of the board To begin with, corporate governance was aimed at protecting the interest of non-controlling shareholders from the opportunistic behaviour of controlling shareholders and managers – … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Increase Your Resilience, According to Psychology…and more

4 Ways to Increase Your Resilience, According to Psychology Psychologist Albert Bandura is famous for his social learning theory which is really more of a model than a theory. He … Continue reading

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SA farmer recounts close call with blaze…and more

Scientists Shocked (And Thankful) These Cyclones Missed Hawaii Hawaii is a small target in the massive Pacific Ocean, but scientists are nevertheless impressed that the islands escaped a record-breaking cyclone … Continue reading

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Disruption a key challenge for directors…and more

Resilience at core of JJ O’Toole’s success Set up in 1914 and now based in Raheen in Limerick, the company is Ireland’s oldest packaging supplier. Last week, I met up … Continue reading

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Bank of England to simulate cyber attacks on banks…and more

Bank of England to simulate cyber attacks on banks Bank of England and US Treasury will gauge communications during hacking onslaughts. The Bank of England and the US Treasury are … Continue reading

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Build Your Resilience for Health and Success…and more

Build Your Resilience for Health and Success We hear a lot about the importance of resilience: the ability to get through a period of stress, upheaval or trauma with our … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Cyber-attacks Hit Businesses Daily, But Resilience is Lacking Cyber-attacks are becoming a run-of-the-mill occurrence: Nearly two-thirds (63%) of C-suite executives say that their companies experience significant cyber-attacks daily or weekly, … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

6 Ways to Prepare Your Business for ‘The Really Big One,’ or Any Disaster What are companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Starbucks and Nike to do if “the really … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Trauma psychologist Dr Rob Gordon compares emotional impact of Mr Fluffy to natural disaster The emotional impact of the Mr Fluffy crisis on Canberra residents who will lose their homes … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Aboriginal languages could reveal scientific clues to Australia’s unique past The loss of Australian aboriginal languages could obstruct access to unique scientific information regarding Australia’s ancient geological history, according to … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

India heatwave: More than 500 dead. More than 500 people have died in India from a days-long heatwave that has seen temperatures nudging 50 degrees Celsius, officials say. Officials warned … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Registration Now Open for BSR Conference 2015: ‘Resilient Business, Resilient World’ Every BSR Conference is different, and this year’s event—taking place November 3-5 in San Francisco—comes in the midst of … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Resilience becomes key as businesses rely more on data Increased reliance on systems and data means that downtime and loss of information is a greater problem than ever before. Disaster … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

The World’s 5 Most Expensive Natural Disasters in 2014 Natural disasters across the world in 2014 cost $110 billion, according to a report released by reinsurer Munich Re. This is … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Rising from disaster to be world reference in recovery Ten years ago, we witnessed the overwhelming calamity from the Indian Ocean tsunami that destroyed most western coasts of Aceh and … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

‘Weather bomb’ hits UK bringing travel chaos and disruption Scotland and Ireland have been battered by gales today, with thousands left without power in the Highlands and Western Isles as … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

The ecology of human resilience Are you dandelion or an orchid? For a very long time psychologists considered our ability to bounce back from adversity as the measure of our … Continue reading

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Shelters Fill up After Deadly Sri Lanka Mudslide Sri Lankan authorities are warning of more landslides at a tea plantation where a deadly torrent of mud swept away scores of … Continue reading

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Pictures: Volcanoes Erupting Around the World This Week Restless volcanoes from around the world spew ash, steam, and concern in their wake…   FEMA and Ad Society launch new campaign … Continue reading

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<iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>   IBHS Meets with White House on Resilience and Mitigation Issues A group of property/casualty insurance senior executives and CEOs, including Insurance Institute for … Continue reading

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Business Resilience Comes from Working with Nature Hurricane Sandy, the superstorm that pummeled the U.S. northeast in October 2012, ranks as the second-costliest hurricane in American history, causing an estimated … Continue reading