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Three Crucial Questions To Help You Assess And Improve Your Business Resilience

Cyber Resilience is Critical as Risks to Business Keep Growing The digital transformation trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing businesses to rapidly switch to new ways of working … Continue reading

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2020: A Year of Natural Hazard in Review

It’s Australia’s First Big Blaze of the Fire Season. How Bad Will the Summer Get? Last year, the country suffered catastrophic wildfires. Now, it is watching as a scenic getaway … Continue reading

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Seven Strategies to Ensure Influencer Marketing Resilience

How To Fortify Your Organization’s Resilience Well Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back into shape. Experts like Roger Martin have been speaking out for … Continue reading

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Post-pandemic: How to rebuild resilience and trust

Self-confident entrepreneurs thrive in stable economies, while resilient entrepreneurs thrive in adverse settings In times of economic stability, entrepreneurs who exude self-confidence are the most likely to thrive. However, when … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Build a Resilient Business

Rethinking Resilience in Business COVID-19 is the biggest public-health crisis in a century and has caused the deepest economic recession of the modern era. The pandemic has revealed vulnerabilities in … Continue reading

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Why Business Resilience Must Begin with a Cultural Shift

Resilience, empathy and good communication: vital skills for managers Good communication skills have always been a key marker of strong leadership, but new research has found that resilience has emerged … Continue reading

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Good Business Processes Are Key to Resilience During Disruption

How Permaculture can Build Resilience and Meet Basic Needs During a Pandemic As COVID-19 spreads, people are showing a growing interest in permaculture principles and techniques to heal their lives, … Continue reading

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Study finds that two-thirds of UK organizations surveyed had no pandemic plans in place before COVID-19

What Rome Learned From the Deadly Antonine Plague of 165 A.D. round 165 A.D., the Anatolian town of Hierapolis erected a statue to the god Apollo Alexikakos, the Averter of … Continue reading

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Why cyber resilience should be a priority for every business – and how to get there

After Tornado, Nashville Braces for Disaster Capitalism Early on the morning of March 3, hours after a tornado devastated parts of Nashville, Anne Barnett grabbed her chainsaw and got to … Continue reading

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How incremental automation adds resilience to supply chain

Media firm to reward resilient brands at summit In recognition of businesses’ resilience and excellence despite the harsh operating business environment in the country, Awesome Brands Magazine, in conjunction with … Continue reading

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Resilience: super skill of the future

When It Comes To Success In Business, EQ Eats IQ For Breakfast When I was younger, I bought into the fallacy that the “smartest” person always won. I pushed myself … Continue reading

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Officials in Puerto Rico greatly underestimated the death toll from Hurricane Maria — here’s why

Business continuity plans vital in light of weather events The number of storm and flood insurance claims in New Zealand has increased by 56% over the past three years and … Continue reading

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While Corals Die Along The Great Barrier Reef, Humans Struggle To Adjust

Businesses help build more resilient communities TROPICAL Cyclone experiences in Vanuatu have proven the need to have partnerships at all levels in managing the impacts of disasters. Businesses and partners … Continue reading

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Why are Businesses still Taking Unnecessary Risks with Cybersecurity?

Why are Businesses still Taking Unnecessary Risks with Cybersecurity? Barely a week passes without the announcement of a significant cybersecurity incident – WannaCry was the most recent in a worryingly … Continue reading

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Businesses must plan for resilience

Cut insurance costs by mitigating against disasters As the victims of Cyclone Debbie and the resulting storm and flood damage continue the clean-up, others are recalling one of Australia’s most … Continue reading

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What makes the tourism industry more resilient?…And more…

What makes the tourism industry more resilient? Organisational resilience in the tourism industry, particularly in a post-disaster environment, is at the heart of innovative marketing research at the University of … Continue reading

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Reporting on the Resilient City

Private sector hammers out resilience plans An international business group working to reduce the impact of natural and man-made hazards has pledged to ensure that the private sector plays its … Continue reading

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World Resilience NEWS

Are you resilient enough to start your own business? Ask yourself this question: Are you ready to adopt another family–one that could potentially grow to be bigger than your own? … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Resilience Is Key To Success For Most Startups, According To YC’s Justin Kan Lots of startups start with good ideas, but few of them become huge successes. More important than … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

What Businesses Need to Know About Preparing, Coping and Recovering From Natural Disasters Create safety plans for your business. Your business should also have a business continuity plan that outlines … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Is the world ready for another tsunami? “We learn geology the morning after the earthquake,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Since the beginnings of recorded history, mankind has struggled with the … Continue reading

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Resilience NEWS

Australia provides risk maps to help Manila vs disasters THE AUSTRALIAN government handed over 84 risks maps that would aid Philippine local government units (LGUs) in making cities and municipalities … Continue reading

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