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How watching my sons during the pandemic taught me resilience

Recovery and resilience in the garden Recent studies show that following extreme storm events community gardens can supply food, enhance social empowerment, provide safe gathering spots, and restorative practices, to … Continue reading

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Mantras that Emotionally Resilient People Use

From resilience to flourish, through positivity! Let’s start with this fundamental question: can resilience in the workplace really be taught? The answer is a somewhat cautious “yes”. Cautious, because, to … Continue reading

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Emergency preparedness and natural disaster planning

Strengthening disaster risk reduction and management at the local level Nepal is exposed to recurring seismic and hydrometeorological disaster risks. While earthquakes and floods in the recent past have claimed … Continue reading

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Three Crucial Questions To Help You Assess And Improve Your Business Resilience

Cyber Resilience is Critical as Risks to Business Keep Growing The digital transformation trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing businesses to rapidly switch to new ways of working … Continue reading

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Finding Your Way To Be Happy and Stay in Resilience

Dallas Innovates 2021: The Resilience Issue History shows some of the country’s biggest companies emerging out of the depths of recession.  A 2009 Kaufman Foundation study found that over half … Continue reading

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The path to post-pandemic smart cities

Natural disasters stalk education sector Zimbabwe’s post-Independence success in universal education remains the envy of most nations around the world.  Basic education was declared an inalienable right in 1980, which … Continue reading

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After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, it’s time to overhaul US disaster policy – here’s how

The new Australian Disaster Resilience Index Australians are always learning to live with a changing, unpredictable and uncertain environment, of which natural hazards are an increasing part. We are all … Continue reading

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9 Signs You’re Mentally Exhausted — And How to Bounce Back’

Rare blizzard in Spain leaves 4 dead and brings country to standstill A persistent blizzard blanketed large parts of Spain with an unusual amount of snow on Saturday, killing at … Continue reading

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6 practices to support organizational resiliency and physician well-being

Natural disasters cause $210 billion in damage in 2020, insurer says Natural catastrophes around the world resulted in $210 billion in damage in 2020, with the United States especially hard … Continue reading

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Why mental resilience is a key business skill for SME owners to learn

5 tech trends that will enable business resilience in 2021 Faced with perhaps the most disruptive circumstances of their existence, organisations worldwide realised that they had no greater ally than … Continue reading

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This FEMA map will show how at-risk your city is for a natural disaster

New Australia-wide emergency warning system launched A streamlined nationwide warning system has been unveiled to help Australians better respond to natural disasters and emergencies. The three-tiered Australian Warning System establishes … Continue reading

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Train Yourself To Be Happy: 4 Coachable Parts of Your Mental Health

Report: Japanese utility executives turned blind eye to tsunami risk Executives at Tokyo Electric Power downplayed the risks of a deadly tsunami before the Fukushima Daiichi plant was crippled by … Continue reading

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Only 30% of Fukushima residents happy with disaster recovery progress

How to build business resilience in the Middle East If nothing else, 2020 has been a stark reminder that resilience is critically important for all of us – individuals, businesses, … Continue reading

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3 Pillars of Resilience

How Journaling Can Help Reduces Stress and Anxiety Think about journaling as a different way of expressing your emotions. We spend so much time on screens in an increasingly digital … Continue reading

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Building resilience on a restless Earth

‘Bomb cyclone’ is bringing big waves to Central Coast. What caused this weather phenomenon? Over the years, North Pacific cyclones have become more intense. We measure the intensity of a … Continue reading

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River floods are boosting the global spread of plastic, study finds

‘Our children die in our hands’: Floods ravage South Sudan On a scrap of land surrounded by flooding in South Sudan, families drink and bathe from the waters that swept … Continue reading

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The potential post-traumatic legacy of the Covid pandemic

16 Inspirational Quotes That Will Help You Bounce Back from 2020 We all need a little burst of wisdom once in awhile, whether it’s to jolt ourselves into a desired … Continue reading

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One year on from horrific fires, Australians struggle to rebuild

At least 10 dead, several missing after landslide in Norway A massive landslide just north of Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday left 10 people dead and nearly two dozen unaccounted for, … Continue reading

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Here Are 10 of the Deadliest Natural Disasters in 2020

Croatia: Deadly earthquake causes huge damage A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked central Croatia on Tuesday, killing at least six people and leaving more than 20 others injured, officials said. … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Events Like Devastating Floods Cost India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report

“Demon Slayer” nears Japan movie history, boosts economy with resilience message The tale of a boy fighting human-eating demons which murdered his family, “Demon Slayer” is poised to become Japan’s … Continue reading

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Israel to be hit by a destructive earthquake soon, study shows

Series of Great Earthquakes May be Warming Arctic, Indicates New Study The Arctic’s rapid warming could have been triggered by a series of great earthquakes, suggests new research. In the … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather and COVID-19: Protecting Our Responders

We Might Finally Know a Key Mechanism Behind Our Planet’s Biggest Earthquakes We’re learning more about earthquake triggers all the time, but there’s also plenty still to find out about … Continue reading

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Why Fans of Horror Movies May Be More Resilient

From resilience to authenticity There is nothing like a full-blown crisis to bring out the best in people. As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across industry sectors, upending established processes and … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Build Resilience In Turbulent Times

Mindfulness Program Reduces Stress, Builds Resilience In Health Care Workers A free, 8-week mindfulness program created by researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and The Ohio State … Continue reading

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LGBTQ People Are at Higher Risk in Disasters

The Top 10 Extreme Weather and Climate Events of 2020 Calendar year 2020 was an extreme and abnormal year, in so many ways. The global coronavirus pandemic altered people’s lives … Continue reading

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Natural disasters causing economic destruction can increase child marriages — study

How Puerto Ricans are rebuilding post-Hurricane María LISTEN: How Puerto Ricans are rebuilding post-Hurricane María… Natural disasters causing economic destruction can increase child marriages — study A case study attempting … Continue reading

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Are you on the brink of burnout?

Resilience key to business survival during pandemic The Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce’s December edition of “Good Morning Gaston” focused on the ability of local businesses to survive the ongoing … Continue reading

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A Grief Expert’s Take On Pandemic Anxiety

A Grief Expert’s Take On Pandemic Anxiety It’s no surprise that everyone feels more anxious this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the election. But luckily, there are simple … Continue reading

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Conflict, floods and COVID-19 push South Sudanese into extreme hunger

At least 6 dead after Vicky onslaught: officials Tropical depression Vicky left at least 6 dead in Leyte and Agusan del Sur as it inundated the southern Philippines ahead of … Continue reading

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Devastation caused by Cyclone Yasa compared to war zone

Eastern Australia has hundreds of enigmatic volcanoes. New research shows how they formed The landscape of eastern Australia is dotted with hundreds of extinct volcanoes. They gave rise to an … Continue reading

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Resilience will again be vital in 2021

Resilience will again be vital in 2021 The financial, social, physical and mental health challenges we have all faced over the last nine months have been the most difficult we … Continue reading

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A Missing Link to Workplace Resiliency

How can I grow employee engagement and workplace resilience? If you take a good, long, hard look at levels of employee engagement and workplace resilience, the most important lessons aren’t … Continue reading

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Altruism is key to a more resilient society

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too “What happened to my resolve?” a leader remarked in the middle of a session. We were discussing … Continue reading

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In an era of disruption, do we need a resilience ranking?

In an era of disruption, do we need a resilience ranking? Rankings season has come and gone and underlined the strength of many sandstone institutions in Europe and the United … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2020: Is global warming making hurricanes stronger?

Unique record: 220,000 years of earthquake history A 457-metre long “data treasure” in the shape of a drilling core from the Dead Sea provides a unique insight into past earthquake … Continue reading

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2020: A Year of Natural Hazard in Review

It’s Australia’s First Big Blaze of the Fire Season. How Bad Will the Summer Get? Last year, the country suffered catastrophic wildfires. Now, it is watching as a scenic getaway … Continue reading

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When in Drought, Ancestral Puebloans Turned to Ice Blocks in Lava Tubes

Natural and political disasters in Central America t is a month since Central America was hit in quick succession by two hurricanes. Parts of northern Honduras are still under water: … Continue reading

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Marina Abramović’s Method for Overcoming Trauma: Go to a Park, Hug a Tree Tight, and Tell It Your Complaints for 15 Minutes

Four Ways The Best Leaders Build A Resilient Workplace The personal and workplace disruption that has occurred due to COVID-19 is unprecedented.  Companies and employees alike are now under constant … Continue reading

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This Year’s Wild Hurricane Season Is an Ominous Sign of What’s Ahead

This Year’s Wild Hurricane Season Is an Ominous Sign of What’s Ahead This year’s record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season officially ended Nov. 30, but the procession of violent storms it unleashed … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Bounce Back from Stress and Being Overwhelmed

Harvard psychologist to parents: Do these 7 things if you want to raise kids with flexible, resilient brains A child’s brain is not a miniature adult brain. It is a … Continue reading

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This Holiday Season, Focus On Combating Loneliness And Building Resilience

Once in a lifetime floods to become regular occurrences by end of century Superstorm Sandy brought flood-levels to the New York region that had not been seen in generations. Causing … Continue reading

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Resilience Case File: 400 year history of concept of resilience

How to build and embed resilience within your workplace This is the last in a series of three articles that have been looking into different aspects of resilience. The first … Continue reading

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‘Water, water, everywhere…nor any drop to drink’

Disaster resilience in Pakistan: A comprehensive multi-dimensional spatial profiling Building disaster-resilient communities require operative resilience frameworks enabling factual decision-making and resource allocation at national and sub-national scales. While Pakistan is … Continue reading

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Seven Strategies to Ensure Influencer Marketing Resilience

How To Fortify Your Organization’s Resilience Well Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back into shape. Experts like Roger Martin have been speaking out for … Continue reading

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How to Build Resilience during the Pandemic

How to survive in the age of crises Even before the pandemic, a Deloitte Insight Report found that 60 per cent of crisis leaders said their firms faced more crises … Continue reading

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Creating a shared vision of rural resilience through community-led civic structures

AXA Chair at UC Santa Cruz funds efforts to build coastal resilience naturally Global insurance company AXA has established the AXA Chair in Coastal Resilience at UC Santa Cruz to … Continue reading

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The nation learning to embrace flooding

ASEAN adopts New Disaster Management Framework for 2021-2025 ASEAN Ministers in charge of disaster management agreed on the strategic direction of regional cooperation in mitigating disaster losses and responding to … Continue reading

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Fast decision making, tech transformation key to businesses surviving pandemic

Building a cyber-resilient electricity sector is a key priority for the post-COVID era The COVID-19 crisis is having a dramatic impact on our society and has reinforced our reliance on … Continue reading

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5 health crises you may not have heard about in 2020

Fukushima’s Radioactive Wastewater Dilemma The word “Fukushima” has become known globally as shorthand for a nuclear disaster that happened at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on the coast of … Continue reading

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Persist, connect, adapt to build resiliency

The surprising reason we aren’t as resilient as we think – and what Kiwi women can do about it If there was ever a need for resilience, it is the … Continue reading

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We’re on brink of burnout epidemic at work, warns Arianna Huffington

Three lessons in resilience to help you get through 2020 Billionaire Mark Cuban was fired from his first job in software. Actress Jameela Jamil endured three life-changing medical diagnoses before … Continue reading

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Personal resilience is important but we also need community resilience: Hillary Clinton

Top 5 reasons resilience is key in the workplace and the hiring room If there is ever a time that demonstrates the value of resilience in the workplace, that time … Continue reading

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Building resilience in the world of virtual work

A resilient workforce is priority one As governments across Canada plan for post-pandemic reset and recovery, ensuring businesses have workers with the skills to help them transform and innovate should … Continue reading

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Can We Blame 2020’s Record Hurricane Season on Climate Change? It’s Complicated.

Australia’s bushfire season saw spikes in emergency respiratory visits and inhaler sales, report finds The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season saw unprecedented fires and black smoke sweep across the country, leading … Continue reading

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Our children face “pretraumatic stress” from worries about climate change

Our children face “pretraumatic stress” from worries about climate change The scientific consensus is overwhelming: serious harms related to anthropogenic climate change will increase in intensity and frequency for years … Continue reading

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Natural disasters are increasing. The world’s poorest are left to fend for themselves.

Natural disasters are increasing. The world’s poorest are left to fend for themselves. More than 100 disasters — many of which were climate- and weather-related — have affected more than … Continue reading

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The ‘market’ won’t save us from climate disaster. We must rethink our system

A look back at Cagayan flooding If there’s a word to describe the recent flooding that happened in Cagayan due to Typhoon Ulysses, it would be “surprising,” at least according … Continue reading

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Post-pandemic: How to rebuild resilience and trust

Self-confident entrepreneurs thrive in stable economies, while resilient entrepreneurs thrive in adverse settings In times of economic stability, entrepreneurs who exude self-confidence are the most likely to thrive. However, when … Continue reading

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Monstrous Hurricane Iota leaves scenes of disaster

This Region Was Just Hit By The Strongest Hurricane Of The Year For A Second Time It’s been exactly a week since I ended my last column here pondering the … Continue reading

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Time to throw out the old rulebook: and build our business resilience

More cohesive local collaborations needed for PH disaster risk reduction–HHI Local humanitarian actors should have more cohesive and reciprocal collaborations for the Philippine disaster risk reduction (DRR) system to be … Continue reading

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4 ways of activating your state of resilience

Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2021 stand out for their resilience In this age of COVID-19, Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2021 stand out for their resilience. Like all organizations, they were … Continue reading

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As the Oceans Warm, Hurricanes Stay Stronger Longer

Scientists warn flooding is the extreme weather Australians should expect this summer Australia’s leading climate scientists have urged the nation to brace for more extreme weather events as temperatures continue … Continue reading

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How The ‘Lost Art’ Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep And Resilience

Building for a flooded future: Architects are designing for the new climate reality limate change is making cities more susceptible to flooding. According to a 2019 study, global sea levels … Continue reading

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Building wildfire resilience into our communities

Building wildfire resilience into our communities Oregon is no stranger to wildfires. However, the 2020 wildfire season has been one of the most destructive on record with over 400 fires … Continue reading

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A parametric approach to pandemic resilience

There’s simply no easy route to resiliency COVID-19 will continue to tax and challenge us. Accepting this can help focus on what it will take to get to April 30. … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Build a Resilient Business

Rethinking Resilience in Business COVID-19 is the biggest public-health crisis in a century and has caused the deepest economic recession of the modern era. The pandemic has revealed vulnerabilities in … Continue reading

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Are You Resilient?

5 Top Reasons Resilience At Work Matters When we experience disaster, trauma, or distressing psychological events in our personal or professional lives, we usually react with grief and a range … Continue reading

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Building Resilience: Five Simple Steps to Thrive

Resilient Employees Are Much More Motivated: Aon Report 86% of resilient employees said they are highly motivated, while only 44% of employees identified as non-resilient said they are highly motivated. … Continue reading

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How building with nature can lead a green recovery for our coasts

How building with nature can lead a green recovery for our coasts In Japan, it is traditionally believed that “the forest calls the fish”. This is a more romantic way … Continue reading

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Resilience Is More Than a Buzzword: It Boosts the Bottom Line

Resilience Is More Than a Buzzword: BetterUp Research Finds It Boosts the Bottom Line he research finds that companies that grew in resilience experienced thrice the annual growth than those … Continue reading

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Employees are twice as motivated and productive if they’re resilient

Employees are twice as motivated and productive if they’re resilient Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions, has released … Continue reading

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Don’t give in to disaster fatigue — the more storms that hit, the less we take notice

What is a resilient airport ? What is a resilient airport and why does resilience matter for the aviation industry, now more than ever? 2020 has been tough for aviation. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Eta leaves dozens dead in Central America

What are resilient cities? What do the cities of Barcelona, Durban, Melbourne and Paris have in common? They are all resilient cities. As lockdown measures return to cities worldwide due … Continue reading

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Firms must encourage physical and emotional resilience during lockdown

Archaeologists reveal human resilience in the face of climate change in ancient Turkey An examination of two documented periods of climate change in the greater Middle East, between approximately 4,500 … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Powerful Storm in Four Years Strikes the Philippines

7 critical skills entrepreneurs need to stay resilient in the new normal The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses across all industries around the world has made resilience more … Continue reading

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Resilient Supply Chains For Post-COVID Asia

Investing in mission-critical cloud infrastructure for business resilience Organisations have been investing in cloud services to help keep teams connected and collaborating while working remotely throughout the COVID-19 crisis. According … Continue reading

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70-year-old pulled out alive in Turkey as quake toll hits 71

Bushfire inquiry says Australia must prepare for ‘alarming outlook’ Australia must prepare for an “alarming” future of simultaneous and worsening natural disasters, says a long-awaited report into the country’s bushfires.  … Continue reading

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Vietnam tackles typhoon’s tragic aftermath as new storm threatens region

Nine Ways To Boost Resilience During America’s Double Pandemic Disbelief, horror, fear, and rage. They describe the most intense levels of human emotion a person could experience. Imagine experiencing them … Continue reading

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Fostering resilience in uncertain times

My workplace is very stressful; what will help? Work is always stressful to some degree. There is never enough time in the day, you might not have the resources you … Continue reading

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Why some people just keep bouncing back

The Legacy of Change and Resilience – HR during Covid-19 With the majority of companies not having a global pandemic ‘rulebook’ in place, HR teams had to rapidly deal with … Continue reading

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The Sources of Resilience

The Sources of Resilience We’re all suffering through difficult times that we did not anticipate and challenges that we were not prepared for. In the face of all that’s going … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Build Resilience in the Workplace

The World Is Woefully Unprepared for Climate-Driven Natural Disasters As if COVID-19 were not enough to worry about, the global climate crisis is driving a “staggering rise” in natural disasters, … Continue reading

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Safeguarding mental health in disaster response

Safeguarding mental health in disaster response When a disaster such as a cyclone or a flood occurs, both of which are becoming more frequent as a result of climate change, … Continue reading

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Coronavirus mental health: this brilliant advice from a 93-year-old psychologist is a must-read for anyone struggling right now

Safeguarding mental health in disaster response When a disaster such as a cyclone or a flood occurs, both of which are becoming more frequent as a result of climate change, … Continue reading

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How to survive the crisis by making a Personal Business Plan

A drone’s role in natural disasters w/ Airobotics’ Eitan Rotberg Earlier this week, we spoke with Eitan Rotberg, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Airobotics, about the role drones … Continue reading

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The Riskiest Places for Natural Disasters

Korea Faces Kimchi Catastrophe After Typhoons Cripple Cabbage Crop A series of typhoons in South Korea this summer has left the country blindsided by a kimchi catastrophe. Fields of cabbages … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters May Push Global Finances to the Brink

UN report: Climate change means more weather disasters every year In the wake of heat waves, global warming, forest fires, storms, droughts and a rising number of hurricanes, the U.N. … Continue reading

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Why Business Resilience Must Begin with a Cultural Shift

Resilience, empathy and good communication: vital skills for managers Good communication skills have always been a key marker of strong leadership, but new research has found that resilience has emerged … Continue reading

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Food security can bring peace – but agroecology makes it last

2020 breaks billion-dollar natural disasters record in US Louisiana is a state dealing with not one, but two multi-billion-dollar natural disasters within the span of six weeks: Hurricanes Laura and … Continue reading

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FEMA ends policy favoring flood walls over green protections

Watch for governments to transfer financial risk from natural disasters to insurers: Swiss Re There is growing awareness that governments can transfer the financial risk of natural disasters to both … Continue reading

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Man protects 300 dogs from Hurricane Delta by bringing them to safety inside his home

Australia: Waiting now to act on disaster resilience will cost more in the long run The general insurance sector in Australia is highly engaged with natural disaster trends, with 100% … Continue reading

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Building Resilience Is Critical To Minimise The Impact Of Humanitarian Crises

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2020 The International Day for Disaster Reduction, held each year on 13 October, celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure … Continue reading

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Post-Traumatic Growth Might Be the Silver Lining of Trauma — Here’s How to Harness It

Psychological resilience, fragility and the health workforce COVID-19 presents a time to redefine vulnerability; however, in discussions of vulnerability, the health workforce, particularly in regard to their psychosocial well-being, is … Continue reading

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A Running List of Record-Breaking Natural Disasters in 2020

A Running List of Record-Breaking Natural Disasters in 2020 So far 2020 has been a standout year for all the wrong reasons, including its devastating natural disasters. Wildfires have ravaged … Continue reading

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Hurricane Delta is the latest disaster in a vicious season

Hurricane Delta bears striking resemblance to Wilma, the Atlantic’s most intense hurricane on record Hurricane Delta strengthened at an incredible rate: more than 85 mph over 24 hours, reaching Category … Continue reading

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Three Lessons Of Mental Well-Being That Rarely Get Talked About

Lessons of resilience in business from an elderly friend Last year, an 80-year-old friend of mine broke her hip and an arm when she slipped over a wet floor in … Continue reading

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How to Use 2020 to Teach Your Children to Be More Resilient, According to Psychology

Mexican entrepreneurs among the most resilient in the world Until a few months ago, our day to day was very different from what we are currently experiencing. Little by little … Continue reading

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Bolivia declares natural disaster due to wildfires, 600 families affected

Japan fishermen oppose ‘catastrophic’ release of Fukushima water to ocean Japanese fish industry representatives on Thursday urged the government not to allow the release at sea of tonnes of contaminated … Continue reading

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California’s First-Ever Gigafire Blazes Through the State, Scorching More Than One Million Acres

In photos: Louisiana reels from storm Delta as Southeast faces tornado and flooding threat Former Hurricane Delta weakened to a post-tropical cyclone Saturday. But the storm remains a threat, with … Continue reading

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Building Resilience When You’re Pandemic-Fatigued

Building Resilient Employees Requires Leaders To Take Action On Feedback Life is fraught with unexpected challenges. Uncertainty and disruption caused by a global pandemic have tested the resilience of workers … Continue reading

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Talking To Your Kids About Emergency Preparedness

Five tips for fostering resiliency in children In today’s ever-changing world, children must adapt to new environments and navigate life’s inevitable challenges – whether that be learning in a virtual … Continue reading

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Corpses washed from cemeteries in France-Italy floods

Owning a pet during coronavirus had a ‘buffering’ effect on mental health IN APRIL, Naomi Mishkin, an artist and designer, could hear the constant sound of sirens from her apartment … Continue reading

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California wildfires spawn first ‘gigafire’ in modern history

California wildfires spawn first ‘gigafire’ in modern history California’s extraordinary year of wildfires has spawned another new milestone – the first “gigafire”, a blaze spanning 1m acres, in modern history. … Continue reading

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Covid-19 makes us think about our mortality. Our brains aren’t designed for that

Covid-19 makes us think about our mortality. Our brains aren’t designed for that You probably remember where you were that day in March when you first realized that the novel … Continue reading

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Debris from 3/11 disaster now washing ashore across Okinawa

Debris from 3/11 disaster now washing ashore across Okinawa Plastic containers washed out to sea after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster are starting to wash up on the shores … Continue reading

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Seven bodies found in northern Italy, France after violent storms

Two killed, nine missing as drenching rain hits parts of France and Italy Two people died and nine people were missing in France and Italy after a storm hit border … Continue reading

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5 of the 6 largest wildfires in California history are burning right now

About 560 wildfires burn in California as more than 100,000 people evacuate: Here’s what we know Amid a scorching heat wave that is now in its second week, hundreds of … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Investing in Employee Resilience Pays Off

Why resilience and reputation go hand in hand How happy are you with your new jeans? Or indeed, the people tasked with making them? Consumers are putting their favourite brands … Continue reading

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Why we’re more confident than ever that climate change is driving disasters

300 million delta dwellers vulnerable to cyclones, flooding More than 300 million people in low-lying river deltas, mostly in poorer nations, are exposed to flooding from tropical storms made more … Continue reading

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Gender Equality is Important to Building Resilience and Peace during Disasters and Conflict

Here’s How You Can Build Resilience and Tackle Mental Health Problems. Covid-19 has triggered a global financial crisis and due to strict adoption of lockdown measures, the magnitude of poor … Continue reading

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Why resilience – not technology – is the answer to our biggest challenges

Climate fires and hurricanes collide in this shocking NASA satellite image Smoke meets cyclones in a jarring new series of satellite images posted to NASA’s Earth Observatory website. In the … Continue reading

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Tech intensity’ key to business resilience, says Satya Nadella

The Key to Resilience And Sustainability: Interconnected Industries If COVID-19 has taught businesses anything, it’s that the winners of tomorrow are resilient, and able to adapt in real-time during times … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Takes Toll On Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing

COVID-19 Takes Toll On Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing COVID-19 has created a unique set of emotional challenges in the workplace, an issue employers need effective tools to support and … Continue reading

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How staff agility and resilience it tied to organisational success through pandemic

Millennial Mind: Resiliency and grit help combat coronavirus despair It was Game 1 of the 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals and the Indiana Pacers were trailing by six points to … Continue reading

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140-mph quadcopter is aimed at first responders

Unusually heavy rains in Senegal expose big gap in $1.4 billion flood plan More than two weeks after heavy rains hit Senegal, thigh-high stagnant water still fills streets in Dakar’s … Continue reading

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Naturally We’re Having ‘Zombie’ Storms Now

How to prepare and stay connected during disaster season We live in unprecedented times, there’s no question. But even with COVID-19 front of mind for so many, we still need … Continue reading

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Climate fires and hurricanes collide in this shocking NASA satellite image

Climate fires and hurricanes collide in this shocking NASA satellite image Smoke meets cyclones in a jarring new series of satellite images posted to NASA’s Earth Observatory website. In the … Continue reading

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West Coast wildfire smoke has crossed the Atlantic, now reaches Finland

Wildfires, Droughts, Pandemics. Is this Our Future? How to Build a Safer World Imagine Massachusetts on fire, literally the entire state engulfed in flames. That is how much land has … Continue reading

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‘It’s normal to feel abnormal’: experts discuss behavioral impacts of COVID-19

Millennials and Gen Z are spreading coronavirus—but not because of parties and bars WHEN PARAMEDICS RUSHED the pregnant Honduran woman into the emergency room, 28-year-old Chuan-Jay Jeffrey Chen stood ready … Continue reading

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The economic case for a national flood standard

Building Resilient Communities A resilient community can use available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations. A fast and flexible civic response to COVID-19 has demonstrated the … Continue reading

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These Incredible Pictures Show The Wrath Of Hurricane Sally

Resilience is missing for many employees A new report from Aon,examined the views of employers and employees across five major countries in Europe and claim that just 30 percent of … Continue reading

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Why Hurricane Sally is moving so slowly—and delivering epic rainfall

Stop thinking of resilience as a trait. It’s more than that After living in San Francisco for many years, my friend and her husband decided to relocate to New York … Continue reading

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The Resilience Project: Why we need to teach young people how to fail

Think 2020’s disasters are wild? Experts see worse in the future A record amount of California is burning, spurred by a nearly 20-year mega-drought. To the north, parts of Oregon … Continue reading

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Wildfires Have Rendered Our World Unrecognizable

Massive Swarms of Mosquitoes Kill Livestock After Hurricane Laura Hits Swarms of mosquitoes in Louisiana have left hundreds of cattle and some horses dead. WWLTV reports that, according to experts … Continue reading

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2020 wildfires in California and west: Everything we know and where to donate

2020 wildfires in California and west: Everything we know and where to donate An unprecedented fire season is wreaking havoc across the Western US, with nearly 100 major wildfires tearing … Continue reading

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La Niña has arrived. Here’s what it could mean for you

Nearly 100 earthquakes swarm Yellowstone in 24 hours. Here’s what experts are saying A swarm of 91 earthquakes rattled the Yellowstone National Park region in just 24 hours on Thursday, … Continue reading

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How People With Disabilities Weather Natural Disasters

More than half a million people affected by Sudan floods The floods in Sudan have killed 102 people, injured 46 more and affected over 550,000 people in 17 of the … Continue reading

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Build Resilience And Thrive In Adversity

Resilience triples with well-rounded wellbeing support What is resilience? Resilience is a hot topic in global HR and leadership right now. Paul Williamson, a learning and development expert and leadership … Continue reading

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Record floods threaten pyramid sites in Sudan

Laura: The Latest Climate Disaster for Low-Income Americans Cameron, Louisiana was devastated for the third time in 15 years when Hurricane Laura came ashore. In 2005, Hurricane Rita pushed 12 … Continue reading

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Art in an apocalypse

Art in an apocalypse Ever since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed in March, I have missed seeing and doing things I enjoy in the city. People-watching, cab rides, the normalcy of … Continue reading

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New Satellite Images Show the Extent of Australia’s 2019 Wildfire Disaster

Building back business: Avoiding a trade-off between resilience and growth “The question is: how do we achieve resilience in a new global environment, including a pandemic-prone global environment, as well … Continue reading

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2020 is changing the way we ‘Do Risk and Resilience’ forever

Older volunteers, a mainstay in hurricane rebuilding, are hard to find in a pandemic that puts them at risk Why raising resilient kids could be as simple as doing nothing … Continue reading

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The 10 Commandments Of Career Resilience: How Many Have You Broken?

Research: Knowledge Workers Are More Productive from Home For many years, we have sought to understand and measure the productivity of knowledge workers, whose inputs and outputs can’t be tracked … Continue reading

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Building back business: Avoiding a trade-off between resilience and growth

2020 is changing the way we ‘Do Risk and Resilience’ forever ou are the CRO. Responsible for measuring risk impacts due to not only the pandemic, but multiple uncertainties ranging … Continue reading

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Brain study reveals one type of exercise increases stress resilience

How do I build resilience In her final show of this Reignite series, Áine Kerr and guests discuss what happens when we hit the ‘Messy Middle’ of a project and … Continue reading

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Niger floods kill 51, drive thousands from their homes

  Niger floods kill 51, drive thousands from their homes Severe flooding in Niger this month has killed 51 people and destroyed thousands of homes after torrential rains caused rivers … Continue reading

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How disasters can lead to a rise in authoritarianism

  Why California’s wildfire year could be the worst in decades California may experience its worst year for wildfires in decades, climate experts say, pointing out that it has already … Continue reading

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The Biblical Flood That Will Drown California

Dramatic Photos Show The Damage Caused By Hurricane Laura The storm, which made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, was the most intense to hit Louisiana in more than 150 … Continue reading

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Another fierce hurricane, 15 years after Katrina, shows who really pays the price

  10 Hurricane Katrina Survivors Reveal Storm’s Impact on Their Lives & New Orleans 15 Years Later On Monday, Aug. 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made its historic landfall on the … Continue reading

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Building Cyber Resilience Post-COVID-19

California’s new normal: How the climate crisis is fueling wildfires and changing life in the Golden State The orange glow from wildfires in the evening sky is a new way … Continue reading

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Whether it’s hurricanes or COVID-19, disasters are driving a mental health crisis

Hurricane Laura poses biggest storm threat to U.S. oil output in 15 years The U.S. energy industry on Tuesday was preparing for a major hurricane strike, cutting crude production at … Continue reading

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Building Your Resilience: Finding Meaning in Adversity–Take a Free & Timely Course Online

  Five Crucial Ways Smart People Beat Stress There are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe they can make things happen and those who believe things … Continue reading

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Japanese Health Manual Created During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Offers Timeless Wisdom

Japan Heatwave Kills 79 and Sends Over 6,000 to the Hospital Extreme summer heat in Japan has killed 79 people in the capital of Tokyo over the past month and … Continue reading

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How Cognitive Dissonance Affects Our COVID-19 Decisions: A Psychologist Explains

6 signs of loneliness: how to stay connected during COVID 19 We’re often hesitant to admit we’re lonely because of the stigma associated with loneliness — that it’s somehow our … Continue reading

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Firefighters, military planes, troops arrive in California to fight massive blazes

Some Of The Warmest Water On Earth Is In The Path Of Laura And Marco – Why That’s Bad Several weeks ago I wrote an article in Forbes warning that … Continue reading

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2 Hurricanes Could Strike U.S. on the Same Day for the First Time in History

  Tropical Storm Laura Strikes Haiti, Dominican Republic (PHOTOS) Tropical Storm Laura is lashing Hispaniola after knocking out power to about 200,000 homes and businesses and leaving more than 10,000 … Continue reading

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How to Strengthen Your Personal Resilience

Without Compassion, Resilient Leaders Will Fall Short It can come out of nowhere — a contempt attack. Like a panic attack, it arises suddenly and takes over completely. You feel … Continue reading

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California’s Devastating Wildfires In Photos

Two Disasters Are Exponentially Worse Than One Eleven thousand lightning strikes, 370 wildfires, a pandemic, a heat wave, and rolling blackouts—California has endured a lot this week. Hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Six strategies for creating flood resilient environments

Rising temperatures will cause more deaths than all infectious diseases – study The growing but largely unrecognized death toll from rising global temperatures will come close to eclipsing the current … Continue reading

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4 Steps for Building Your Team’s Resilience

  How to Use Meditation to Cope With Loneliness and Negative Self-Talk, According to Solo Explorer Colin O’Brady When COVID-19 hit and isolation became the norm for majority of the … Continue reading

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