Resilience has emerged as one of the key areas of interest for the general public, governments, businesses and community sectors alike.  There is a lot of activity in the area of resilience.  Some of it is related to natural disasters, some to workplace culture and some to personal and community wellbeing.  One thing is certain; we need to be better educated about this topic, while balancing our busy lives.  This site has been created in 2013 as an attempt to aggregate a broad spectrum of relevant and useful information in one place.  Today, it is the largest such a resource in the world providing new information seven days a week.

Some of the articles might be about research, others might be simple news stories from around the globe, and some may be tips or advice that anyone may find useful in their day to day life. Although this initiative is leaning more specifically towards disaster resilience, it also recognises that resilience building across many fields will eventually be a more effective approach.

My personal experience, along with the years of professional work in the area of disaster resilience, has led me to the conclusion that we have to focus on creating a culture of resilience.  There are many ways how this can be achieved.  Essentially, I believe that individual action and contribution is possible when the idea of resilience is more familiar to everyday people.  For that reason, this very small step of gleaning, editing and curating information on a daily basis, could make a small contribution to a larger societal effort.

While I do not doubt that there will always be a need for high level involvement by experts across fields, very little of it will matter unless we democratise the discourse of resilience building.  In my view, demystifying the field of disaster management and resilience building, with broad level engagement through straightforward activities such as sharing of information, could hopefully add the value necessary for real change. This is the driving story behind this initiative which compliments the work I do with my colleagues as part of the Global Resilience Collaborative [www.globalresiliencecollaborative.com].

As Hara Estroff Marano, (Editor-at-Large of Psychology Today) once remarked: ‘Resilience may be an art, the ultimate art of living!’

Welcome to Resilience Reporter and remember – resilience starts with information!

Jelenko Dragisic

Founder –  Global Resilience Collaborative

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