This Year’s Extreme Weather Is Just Getting Started

Building resilience through trauma informed care

“Not everyone comes in screening positive for depression, or anxiety or suicidal thoughts, but we do know that most children living in Cleveland will have some adversity in their life,” said psychologist Dr. Lisa Ramirez.

It was another day for Ramirez and her team at Metro Health’s mobile unit at Cleveland’s John Adams High School.

Over a dozen students a day came to the unit for various issues, both physical and emotional. Ramirez and her team want to be a step ahead of the trauma.

“‘It’s not always direct intervention, but we have relationships with schools where we’re doing prevention groups. We’re coming in, and we’re talking about mental health,” Ramirez said.

Mass shootings, pandemics and just the wear and tear of life can take a toll on overall health, and that makes trauma informed health care critical.

Different from traditional health care, a trauma informed approach accounts for links between physical and emotional harm. Both have lasting impacts on people and communities.

Katie Kurtz, a Cleveland mental health professional, said these effects are unique to each person…READ ON

How Parents Pass Down Trauma to Their Kids
Image credit: YURI KADOBNOV/AFP via Getty

This Year’s Extreme Weather Is Just Getting Started

For a second or two, it teeters on the raging torrent’s edge. And then the house—the entire building—pivots and slides into the river. “Woah!” gasp witnesses filming the moment as they watch the structure tumble and then float away. A devastating flood has just ripped through Yellowstone National Park in the western United States.

“There’s some pretty extraordinary stuff happening, stuff that’s not common at all,” says Paul Pastelok, lead long-range forecaster at AccuWeather, as he lists this and other examples of extreme weather events cropping up in the US this year.

Already 2022 has brought powerful floods, terrifying wildfires, and unusually early heat waves globally—notably those in India and Pakistan, Europe, the US, and parts of East Asia. Freak hail storms have battered Germany and Mexico City, and US forecasters expect an above-normal hurricane season.

Meteorologists say that many of these events are part of a troubling trend. While 2022 is not yet the worst year on record for extreme weather, we are currently witnessing the impact of climate change and the cascading effect of one problematic weather condition influencing another…READ ON

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