What Leaders Get Wrong About Resilience

How Yellowstone’s animals survive a catastrophic flood

Park officials ultimately evacuated more than 10,000 visitors on Tuesday and the Montana National Guard rescued dozens of people from campsites and nearby towns, according to the Associated Press.

A gray wolf on the road near Artists’ Paintpots, Yellowstone.
 Jacob W. Frank/National Park Service

There have been no reported deaths or extreme injuries so far, though homes were destroyed, and the floods could leave a scar on the region’s tourism-dependent economy. The northern portion of the park experienced the brunt of the damage and it could remain closed for months…READ ON

What Leaders Get Wrong About Resilience

Resilience or the continued pursuit of goals despite adversity, is an important issue for organizations, because adversity is inevitable in people’s lives and careers. We all face personal adversities, ranging from the daily stresses of balancing work and home roles to experiences of job loss or the death of a loved one, as well as societal stressors, such as a pandemic or increases in televised, racialized violence. In the face of these challenges, resilience is essential.

Often, resilience is discussed as something individuals either possess, or do not.

At the same time, current organizational attempts to improve employee resilience are largely ineffective.  Most employee resilience training efforts have relatively small and short-lived effects — and there are valid concerns about resilience becoming an exploitative, stigmatizing, and overrated phenomenon. As former New York Times Magazine writer Parul Sehgal notes, resilience is often seen as “a doubling down of old…READ ON

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