4 Myths About Natural Disasters Movies Want Us To Believe

Calm Waters to host Resilience Art Show, featuring local artists depicting hope after loss

OKLAHOMA CITY– Calm Waters Center for Children and Families, central Oklahoma’s grief center, is hosting Resilience: An Art Show & Auction, Saturday, June 25 through Thursday, June 30. The exhibit will feature over 40 pieces of local art interpreting resilience, life after loss, and hope after grief.

All the proceeds from Resilience will benefit children and families who have experienced grief due to death, divorce or other significant loss.

The second annual Art Show will kick off with an opening reception on Saturday, June 25, at 5 p.m. at the Calm Waters Center, 501 N. Walker, Suite 140, in Oklahoma City. During the event, attendees will meet the local artists, bid on the art pieces and enjoy wine and hors d ‘oeuvres. The event is free to attend.

Participating artists will include Amanda Cole, Kerry Billington, Tim Kenney, Romy Owens, Jason Wilson, Denise Duong, Katherine Sanders, Roger Disney, Jamie Nickels, Stacy Haggard, Amber Nemecek, Kimberly S. Yates and M. Robinson.

“Art has such a beautiful way of communicating healing and hope, especially after loss,” said Erin Engelke, Calm Waters Executive Director. “We are grateful for the support of so many local artists as we host this unique event in Oklahoma City.”…READ ON

4 Myths About Natural Disasters Movies Want Us To Believe

Welcome to Hollywood Myths, Cracked — our new series where we look at some of the hyperbolic science moviemaking folks love drowning us in as they destroy planet Earth in front of our eyes one ginormous tsunami at a time. God, it sure is fun watching. However, we cannot in good conscience stand idly by, pretending that any of these dodgy albeit extremely entertaining special effects represent anything close to reality. Even though it all looks pretty rad. Soooo rad, you guys.

Anyway, here are some examples of how Hollywood egregiously uses our fear of apocalyptic events to bypass real and accurate science. It’s just that easy, we guess…READ ON

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