“Think Resilience” Approach Emerges as Key Recommendation from UN Platform

$9 million Office of Emergency Management building is a ‘lighthouse’ during disasters

Fort Bend County Judge KP George remembers the thunderstorms that drenched Fort Bend County in May 2019 and turned the Office of Emergency Management into a swamp.

The newly opened $9 million, two story Office of Emergency Management Centre in Richmond features a main control room with large, flat screen TVs lining the walls…

“Water was leaking everywhere,” he told reporters gathered at the grand opening of the new, two-story, $9.3 million OEM center on Friday. “Everywhere you looked, water was raining down from the ceiling.”

Another reason for razing the original OEM building — which started life as a jail — and replacing it with a modern structure: space, space, space. The new 24,000-square- foot facility has plenty of space for offices, control rooms, bunk rooms, restrooms and showers, a kitchen, media room, conference room for visitors, exercise room and a quiet room where workers can escape for a little peace and quiet to deal with the stress and grief that often comes with a crisis.

Mark Flathouse, Fort Bend County Emergency Management Coordinator, said the bunk rooms will come in handy…READ ON

“Think Resilience” Approach Emerges as Key Recommendation from UN Platform

The call for a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to disaster risk reduction (DRR) that would leave no one behind emerged as a strong refrain at the seventh session of the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022 (GP2022).

“…recovery and reconstruction are most successful when they are community-driven and support existing local structures and resilience-building mechanisms…”

In the spirit of “inclusive and networked multilateralism, international solidarity and cooperation,” the Global Platform explored ways to “stop the spiral of increasing disaster impact and risk,” and highlighted synergies between the DRR, sustainable development, and climate action agendas…READ ON

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