How ‘flow state’ can treat anxiety and depression

What makes health systems resilient? A qualitative analysis of the perspectives of Swiss NGOs

Resilience has become relevant than ever before with the advent of increasing and intensifying shocks on the health system and its amplified effects due to globalization. Using the example of non-state actors based in Switzerland, the aim of this study is to explore how and to what extent NGOs with an interest in global health have dealt with unexpected shocks on the health systems of their partner countries and to reflect on the practical implications of resilience for the multiple actors involved. Consequently, this paper analyses the key attributes of resilience that targeted investments may influence, and the different roles key stakeholders may assume to build resilience…READ ON

How ‘flow state’ can treat anxiety and depression

We live in a world filled with risk. But the human brain is not good at thinking in terms of probabilities.

Our fear response may not turn off until the perceived threat is completely gone. Can we find a way to adapt that doesn’t involve reaching for prescription medication?

Flow might be the answer. When we are in a state of flow, our brain is flooded with the neurotransmitters that are the key to a happy mind…WATCH VIDEO

New data reveals climate change might be more rapid than predicted

About 30 massive, intricate computer networks serve the scientists who stand at the forefront of climate change research.

Winter storms in the Southern Hemisphere. Credit: NASA Worldview

Each network runs a software program comprised of millions of lines of code. These programs are computational models that combine the myriads of physical, chemical and biological phenomena that together form the climate of our planet. The models calculate the state of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, land and ice, capturing past and present climate variability and using the data to predict future climate change…READ ON

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