Your Brain on Grief, Your Heart on Healing

A New Manager’s Guide to Introducing the 7Cs of Team Resilience

One of the most effective ways to build a successful and sustainable organization is to foster resilience. Resilience is the capability to respond to change and challenges in creative and flexible ways. Organizations that maintain their productivity while reducing the emotional strain of adversity on their staff members are better equipped to navigate the many obstacles that businesses face today.

The many challenges posed to businesses over the past few years, including lockdowns, social distancing protocols, and the shift towards remote work, have had notable impacts on both business and individual resilience.

Employees with strong social support networks, and those who feel supported at work, are generally better able to recover from mistakes and failures without getting hindered by disappointment.

This can increase employees’ risk of making mistakes on the job, and of facing burnout, illness, and workplace conflicts. Leaders who cultivate organizational resilience may equip employees with the tools they need to adapt to stress and challenges, ensuring that they’re more prepared for change and less likely to suffer from burnout and ongoing stress…READ ON

Your Brain on Grief, Your Heart on Healing

“‘Tis good — the looking back on Grief,” Emily Dickinson wrote as she calibrated love and loss. But she did not mean that it is good to ruminate and wallow — Dickinson so deftly played with the surface of meaning, so delighted in startling us into a flinch or furrow before plunging us into the deeper truths she fathomed. She meant, I think, that a love lost is grieved forever, whatever the nature of the loss — this she knew, and turned the ongoingness of it into a lifetime of art — but by looking back, we are reminded over and over that the sharp edge of grief does smooth over time, that today’s blunt ache is worlds apart from the first stabs, until grief becomes, as Abraham Lincoln wrote in his stirring letter of consolation to a bereaved young woman, “a sad sweet feeling in your heart, of a purer and holier sort than you have known before.”…READ ON

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