Around 4.9 million Indians displaced due to natural disaster: Report

Why the Employee Experience Is Cyber Resilience

The modern workplace is changing at a pace never seen before in history. A lot of this stemmed from COVID and remote work necessities, with 74% of CFOs noting they’ve adopted some kind of telecommuting policies due to coronavirus challenges. Now, more than ever, the employee experience (EX) is critical for keeping us connected and productive. That applies not just from a company growth perspective, but from a cybersecurity one.

To respond, the industry — led by Google — came out with zero trust. Enterprises just assume everyone — software, devices, and people — are bad actors until proven otherwise.

EX is a combination of three things: Policies, environment/culture, and tools. The key to addressing all three lies in empathy, as discussed in the book Empathy In Action: How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences at Scale, by Tony Bates and Dr. Natalie Petouhoff. In their book, the two position empathy as a business strategy. It’s also something that we can use to address cybersecurity…READ ON

Around 4.9 million Indians displaced due to natural disaster: Report

Severe cyclones and floods displaced over 4.9 million people in India while another 13,000 had to flee to their homes due to conflict in 2021, according to rea report compiled by the Geneva based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) 

Around 80 natural disaster events were recorded in India in 2021. Flood and cyclones, which influenced by the monsoon, were the main reason for disaster displacement…READ ON

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