Children Who Play Adventurously Have Better Mental Health

France and Spain swelter as Cyclone Yakecan wreaks havoc in South America

Unseasonably high temperatures have been affecting both Iberia and France over recent days. Temperatures have been about 10-15C above average thanks to a southerly flow of very warm and dry air from north Africa.

On 17 May, temperatures across much of Spain, as well as southern and central France, widely exceeded 30C. A top temperature of 35.5C was recorded in the southern Spanish province of Huelva, with a provisional high of 32.9C recorded in the French commune of Montélimar. La Hague near the Channel hit 26.6C, beating the May record for this location set 100 years ago…READ ON

A docuseries hopes to show environmental changes everyday people are experiencing in the Rocky Mountain West

A forest fire rages in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Climate change has increased the intensity of wild and forest fires in the West in previous decades, which often burn longer and hotter than they once were. A Changing Frontier tells the stories of those directly impacted by environmental and climate change.

A University of Wyoming graduate student has created a docuseries that focuses on Wyoming and surrounding regions, telling the story of those who have been affected first-hand by environmental and climate change. The series’ creator Taryn Bradley spoke with Wyoming Public Radio’s Hugh Cook…READ ON

Children Who Play Adventurously Have Better Mental Health

Children who spend more time playing adventurously have lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, and were happier over the first COVID-19 lockdown, according to new research.

A study led by the University of Exeter asked parents how often their children engaged in play that was “thrilling and exciting”, where they might experience some fear and uncertainty.

The study, published in Child Psychiatry & Human Development, comes at a time when today’s children have fewer opportunities for adventurous play out of sight of adults, such as climbing trees, riding bikes, jumping from high surfaces or playing somewhere where they are out of adult sight.

The study sought to test theories that adventurous play offers learning opportunities that help build resilience in children, thereby helping to prevent mental health problems…READ ON

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