Zoonotic Spillover Is the Apocalypse You’ll Be Hearing About a Lot

Mental health: 4 easy ways to practise ‘everyday mental maintenance’

From taking a trip to the gym to eating nutritious food, taking conscious steps to maintain your physical health is something you probably do on a daily basis.

While the idea of setting aside dedicated time to look after your mental health may feel weird at first, it shouldn’t take long until you notice the benefits

However, when it comes to your mental health, chances are your routine looks a little more lacklustre. We’ve all got self-care routines we turn to when we’re feeling rubbish – but what about when you’re feeling OK? While the importance of taking care of our mind may not be as ingrained as the physical side of things, making space for regular care is essential to maintaining good mental wellbeing…READ ON

Zoonotic Spillover Is the Apocalypse You’ll Be Hearing About a Lot

The term “zoonotic spillover” might sound either reassuringly geeky or deceptively innocuous — like a sticky mess involving a melted ice cream cone between the monkey cage and the aquarium. It refers, in reality, to one of the greatest dangers to humanity. As such, it is neither more nor less menacing than climate change, but a direct consequence of it.

Mammals play a starring role in this horror movie mainly because they’re genetically close enough to us for their bugs to wreak havoc in our bodies.

The word zoonosis comes from the Greek for “animal disease.” It applies to pathogens that can jump both between critters and from them to us. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, hopped to humans from chimps, for example. MERS, a respiratory virus, spread to us from dromedary camels. Ebola probably came from apes, monkeys or bats, or all of them. In similar ways, we’ve imported hundreds of other ills from the wild kingdom — not least, SARS-CoV-2, which we also picked up from bats…READ ON

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