The science behind music’s ability to keep you calm

Beaten but not down! Exploring resilience among female sex workers (FSWs) in Nairobi, Kenya

Despite the adverse experiences throughout the lives of FSWs, resilience was a key theme that emerged from this study. A holistic approach is needed in addressing the health needs of female sex workers. Encouraging FSWs to come together and advocating together for their needs is a key resource from which resilience and forbearance can grow.

Earning a living from sex work is both challenging and a taboo subject in many communities in Kenya. Hence, many FSWs experience overlapping and sequential adversities and disadvantages.

Upstream prevention through strengthening of education systems and supporting girls to stay in school and complete their secondary and/or tertiary education would help them gain training and skills, providing them with options for income generation during their adult lives…READ ON

The science behind music’s ability to keep you calm

When I feel like I’m about to absolutely explode or fall into a pit of anxiety, I have a playlist at the ready—and I know I’m not the only one. Everyone has their own selection of music that they turn to when in need of something to help calm them down. For some, it’s enough to pop on a lo-fi beats radio station and call it a day. Others, meanwhile, prefer to turn on some nostalgia-driven content or their most recent musical obsession.

Credits: Far Out / Mink Mingle / Laura Chouette

Regardless of your anxiety playlist, it’s clear that a lot of people have sounds they turn to, and it’s just something that naturally occurs in the world. Music is a common coping mechanism for plenty of people, and although you might be inclined to feel like there has to be a scientific or psychological reason behind it, it can be difficult to put your finger on exactly why. But that hunch is correct, and there’s plenty of evidence to support music’s ability to calm you down from a state of stress…READ ON

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