How you can help build lifelong resilience for when the challenges come

4 Steps To Ramp Up Your Resilience At Work—And In Your Company’s Culture

The 19th-century evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin taught us that the ultimate form of resilience is the ability to adapt to change. Be it salamanders on the Galapagos Islands or sales managers in a cutthroat industry—or a weary workforce reeling from a global pandemic—our capacity for resilience determines our fate.

From a business perspective, resilience has evolved quite a bit in just a few short months in the face of supply-chain havoc, the Great Resignation, and shifting customer expectations. Companies in every industry have dealt with a lot, and those that had already prioritized adaptability as a form of organizational resilience, from the shop floor to the top floor, are the ones faring the best in their respective markets…READ ON

How you can help build lifelong resilience for when the challenges come

WHO would have predicted that as we entered the 2020s nearly 28 months ago now that it would be such an eventful decade already?

We wondered what it is about people that keeps them going in the face of challenge and adversity

First, we have experienced a global pandemic which has certainly challenged us all in many different ways. Then, just as the world felt that we were over the pandemic, a war started in Europe as Russia invaded Ukraine. All of Europe is currently feeling a significant ripple effect from this devastating war being waged on the Ukrainian people.

Approximately five million people, the majority children and their mothers, have had to flee from their country and loved ones. Ireland has already welcomed over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees since February 2022. In addition, in the first few months of this year, communities across Ireland have experienced other devastating tragedies, often (but not always) random and fatal attacks on people going about their daily lives…READ ON

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