With water running out, California faces grim summer of dangerous heat, extreme drought

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Experts share life-saving tips

Researchers are predicting another hyperactive hurricane season compared to last year’s historic season. Experts share the importance of having a plan in place. Charles Woodrum with the Nation Weather Service in Shreveport says the most important document in your Hurricane preparedness kit is your insurance.

Gather supplies you might need during a power outage, including cash, batteries, battery-powered radio to receive news media updates, flashlights, canned food, a manual can opener, bottled water, medication, and a first aid kit.

“For people to review their insurance policies, make sure that they are covered or on top of the system coming through the area,” said National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Charles Woodrum.

“So definitely your kit should equate to the category of the storm, in my opinion. When it’s storm time, it’s too late to get ready for the storm. So if you stay ready you will always be ready,” said Fran Pheonix, communication strategist for Cleco.

Planning your survival kit too late can have you unprepared when a natural disaster strikes. Cleco customers should prepare for the above-normal hurricane season with the tips below…READ ON

The Resilient Individual in Modern-Day China

An Wei ran his hand across the top of his Lenovo Thinkpad to clean off the day’s dust. It was summer 2003, and he was now the leader of An Shang village.

A donkey brayed in the distance as he looked through the tattered notebook where he had recorded villagers’ complaints and suggestions. It was obvious the farmers felt hopeless about village affairs. They hated corruption, but they didn’t know how to get rid of it. He needed to do something to help them create a reliable government. But what?

An Wei began scrolling through documents on his computer hunting for one he knew existed.  “Bylaws,” he muttered. “It was certainly a document about bylaws.” After an hour on his slow internet connection, he found it—The Organic Law of the Villagers Committees of the People’s Republic of China—passed by the National People’s Congress in 1998. 

An Wei read it carefully. The more he read, the more he realized he had found the key to a better village—a national law that encouraged democracy in rural areas.  The words could not be clearer…READ ON

With water running out, California faces grim summer of dangerous heat, extreme drought

Heat waves. Severe drought. Extreme wildfires.

As Southern California braces for unprecedented drought restrictions, long-range forecasts are predicting a summer that will be fraught with record-breaking temperatures, sere landscapes and above-average potential for significant wildfires, particularly in the northern part of the state.

“The dice are loaded for a lot of big fires across the West,” said Park Williams, a climate scientist at UCLA. “And the reason for that is simple: The vast majority of the western U.S. is in pretty serious drought.”

Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the temperature outlook for the transition from spring into summer this year calls for above-normal readings for most of the West…READ ON

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