India heat wave: Climate change-fueled event topples monthly records

Portraits of Resilience: How These 5 Women Entrepreneurs are Making Impact Despite Barriers

She suffered anaemia some 20 years ago. For a while, she relied on prescription drugs, but her condition persisted until a neighbour suggested that she check her vegetables’ source. This personal experience inspired Mercy Kilili to start Shamba Connect, a startup that installs kitchen gardens in homes and trains people on hygienic vegetable gardening practices.

Things don’t have to be how they have been, says Emi-Beth Quantson, the Founder of Kawa Moka, a 100% women-owned Ghanaian coffee company specialising in producing artisan small-batch roasted coffee. Emi-Beth works in a male-dominated industry where very few women have access to lands to cultivate cash crops like coffee. She aspires to change the narrative that men are the only people who can farm and trade in coffee…READ ON

India heat wave: Climate change-fueled event topples monthly records

The heat wave still gripping parts of India and Pakistan set all-time monthly records this weekend and has yet to fully abate.

Computer model projection of high temperatures on May 2, showing the hottest conditions in northwestern India and Pakistan. (

Why it matters: At least a billion people suffered through temperatures of 104°F (40°C) or higher from Thursday through Sunday, with many seeing highs of 110°F (43°C) and above.

Heat waves are becoming more common, severe and longer as the world warms in response to human emissions of greenhouse gases.

By the numbers: According to Maximiliano Herrera, an expert on global temperature extremes, several monthly records fell in India and Pakistan on April 30 and May 1, while Pakistan likely experienced its hottest April on record…READ ON

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