Five astonishing ghost towns lost to natural disaster

Texas saw most natural disasters in US over the past 40 years, report finds

Natural disasters in the United States have nearly tripled in the past 40 years, according to a new report by insurance company Quote Wizard. In that time, Texas saw the most billion-dollar disasters in the country. The majority of these disasters were severe storms and droughts. Illinois came in second.

“…natural disasters have increased by 163% nationwide
(USA) over the last 20 years…”

Meteorologist Nick Bannin spoke with the team at Quote Wizard about the report and its specific findings. You can watch that interview above or read the transcript below…READ ON

When is a bunker not a bunker? Say hello to fire-resilient homes. Full Story Here

Five astonishing ghost towns lost to natural disaster

Why are we so fascinated by abandoned places? Perhaps because they offer a humbling reminder that nothing can endure for eternity, that even the most powerful civilisations must eventually fall. In this way, ghost towns and lost cities can be seen to serve as archaeological mirrors, capable of reflecting our beliefs about the past as well as our fears for the future.

When Pompeii was unearthed in 1748, the site quickly became a popular destination for affluent aristocrats, writers and artists, many of whom viewed the city not only as an archaeological marvel but as a warning from antiquity. For individuals wrapped up in the innovations of modernity, Pompeii was an unnerving reminder that no amount of human ingenuity could live up to the might of the natural world…READ ON

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