How to Deal with Loneliness, According to Mental Health Experts

San Francisco and Bay Area In For a Lot More ‘Bomb Cyclones’ This Century, According to New Study

It was called the biggest and strongest rainstorm to hit the Bay Area in a quarter century, but last October’s “bomb cyclone” event may be just a preview of what climate change will bring to the Bay Area in the coming decades.

The City of San Francisco commissioned a new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that looks ahead to the ways that “extreme precipitation” in the coming decades will impact the Bay Area. And it’s the first study of its kind to take the unique topography of the local region into account, forecasting impacts based on two-square-mile segments — compared to earlier studies that looked at the singular impacts for the entire region.

The study projects that storms like the one in October will dump 26% to 37% more water on the Bay Area, when they hit, by the end of the century. The study looked at various storm types and atmospheric river combinations to estimate total storm precipitation totals from 2050 and beyond…READ ON

How to Deal with Loneliness, According to Mental Health Experts

Perhaps you just moved to a new city or are gearing up for your first holiday season as a single. Or maybe you have thousands of followers on social media and a phone that won’t stop blowing up with text messages and yet, you still feel disconnected. Whatever the case may be, loneliness is a natural thing to experience — and a common one at that, too. In fact, so many Americans have felt lonely over the past years that public health officials started to express concern over a “loneliness epidemic.” Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has only gotten worse.

In a recent national survey of American adults, 36 percent of participants, including 61 percent of young adults and 51 percent of mothers with young children, reported feeling “serious loneliness,” according to Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project. And while the coronavirus pandemic may have exacerbated matters, the sentiment is nothing new…READ ON

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