Stop Telling Employees to Be Resilient

Tough times call for resilient leaders

The global business environment is highly dynamic and challenging. The competition is cut-throat. You must run a little faster than others to keep your lead. It is tough to predict the very next moment as there is uncertainty everywhere and there is no assurance that the decisions that you make will definitely deliver fruitful outcomes.

Resilient leaders are very much aware of external disturbances and prepare mentally to come out with flying colors.

The leaders and CEOs find it challenging to beat the competition. They find it more challenging to predict the developments in technology. Some companies have been defunct while some have become bankrupt. There is an urgent need to build resilient organisations globally to beat the competition. It calls for building resilient teams and leaders who can build resilient organisations that can beat the competition and ensure sustainability…READ ON

Stop Telling Employees to Be Resilient

Lately, it feels like “resilience” has popped up as the answer to just about everything. Having a hard time because of a toxic environment? Just be resilient. Struggling to home-school your kids while working 50-hour weeks during a global pandemic? Try some resilience.

“…there’s a difference between demanding that everyone be mentally tough and actually helping them take care of their mental health…”

Resilience, or the ability to withstand hardship and bounce back from difficult events, is useful when it comes to work. But, too often, it’s presented in a way that overlooks structural issues and instead encourages employees to grin and bear whatever tough stuff comes their way — and to do so on their own, without disturbing their colleagues…READ ON

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