Wildfires Force Some Evacuations in Southwestern Nebraska

Uzbekistan: Massive Floods and Landslides due to Heavy Rain Kill Multiple People

Uzbekistan is ravaged again by deadly floods and mudflows following heavy rain, causing several casualties and widespread damage.

Latest reports suggested that the amount of rainfall that occurred in just two hours was equivalent to a month’s worth of downpour.

The country is still recovering following related natural hazards over the past two years, which also resulted in fatalities and evacuations.

The Uzbek government reportedly considers the latest flooding as one of the worst natural disasters witnessed in 80 years…READ ON

Natural disasters cost the nation: we’ve calculated the income tax revenue lost in their wake

Understanding the true cost of natural disasters is critical for governments to develop policies to deal with them.

Historically, calculations have been based on toting up insurance claims and government aid. But these don’t account for intangible social costs such as lower mental health and higher substance abuse in the years that follow. Nor do they account for lower economic output in affected areas.

Our latest research calculates, for the first time, the effect of a natural disaster on income tax revenue. For this we’ve used data from the 2010-2011 floods that ravaged Brisbane and other towns in south-east Queensland. Our analysis covers about a third of Queensland’s population.

Our results show income tax revenue from the population analysed declined by 5% in the 2010/11 financial year, due to both lower incomes and higher tax-deduction claims.

Even though we can’t extrapolate this result to all disasters – type, location and size matter – our findings clearly show natural disasters have widespread financial effects, and that more frequent and severe natural disasters have clear implications for government revenue…READ ON

Wildfires Force Some Evacuations in Southwestern Nebraska

Crews were making progress fighting wildfires that forced people in several communities in southwestern Nebraska to evacuate, authorities said Saturday.

The fires pushed by strong winds threatened mostly rural areas hit hard this spring by drought, although residents in the town of Cambridge were the first ones asked to evacuate Friday evening, the Furnas County Sheriff’s Office said. The community of about 1,000 people is located near Arapahoe, where wildfires burned nearly 35,000 acres earlier this month…READ ON

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