What is resilience? And is this what we should be aiming for?

Why Organizational Resilience Is Central To The Climate Crisis

In the last two years, the climate crisis has reached a fever pitch, with all aspects of life and business being impacted. Governments globally are making renewed net-zero emissions goals, and even blue-chip businesses are making their own promises to reduce emissions and leverage clean energy in operations.

Crystal globe on table
“There’s a complex web of factors that cause downstream effects for a business. Some are foreseeable. Many are not.” – Sue Holub
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This isn’t the only side effect of climate change. Catastrophic weather events have become both more frequent and more severe. Wildfire season has extended to be almost year-round, tornadoes are touching down in December, hurricanes are making landfall more frequently and there has been a major uptick in flooding globally. Severe weather brought on by climate change isn’t getting better. In fact, it’s likely only going to get worse, more complex and more unpredictable. Business leaders must understand the risk implications this can have on their operations going forward.

What is resilience? And is this what we should be aiming for?

Many people think the peak of mental wellbeing is to be resilient. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great skill to have but there is a whole other level up from resilience. It’s called thriving. But what does this look like? And what difference can it make to your life?

A thriving person does everything they can to make the best of their life. They do all they can to be as successful in their personal, emotional and business life as they can be. This requires a certain number of critical psychological processes to be taking place.

Thriving is about having the right mindset, the right attitude, looking forward, feeling positive, feeling powerful.

Much of this is based upon what your beliefs are and how well you manage your beliefs. If you believe, for example that you are powerful person and can make things happen in your life, that you can overcome hurdles and make changes, you’re much more likely to feel more positive, confident and stronger across a broad range of situations.

You’re able to manage your thinking, be positive, forward thinking and have a ‘growth mindset’ (seeing positivity and optimism in everything you do). Always looking to be better, always looking to do better, feeling and believing that you can make more of a situation than you currently are…READ ON

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