How To Use Your Anxiety To Build Resilience

University Of Vermont Health Network Supply Chain Focused On Resilience And Collaboration

The supply chain word that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic is resilience. For good reason. But for Charles Miceli, network vice president and chief supply chain officer at the University of Vermont Health Network (UVHN), focusing on resilience is not a new concept. For him, the concept took hold in 2017, when Hurricane Maria upended the domestic healthcare supply chain.

“There are a substantial number of (healthcare) suppliers in Puerto Rico,” he says, and he didn’t realize the extent that UVHN, and other health systems, relied on the production there.

Miceli has overseen the UVHN supply chain since 2008, as it grew from one hospital to an integrated delivery network (IDN) with six hospitals, home health and hospice, and outpatient primary care services…READ ON

How To Use Your Anxiety To Build Resilience

In small doses, and with the right coping skills, anxiety can make you better equipped to deal with what life throws at you — even the things you fear the most.

From It’s Hard to Be a Person by Brett Newski

When Brett Newski was a kid, he would wake up in the middle of the night, worried he forgot his homework, and run downstairs to check his backpack. It would take him a couple of decades to learn that what he was feeling was anxiety. But now, whenever the 35-year-old guitarist and songwriter — who has performed with bands like the Violent Femmes and the Pixies — gets anxious, he has a specific way of dealing with it: art projects.

More specifically, he draws and paints to get out of his head. A few years ago, he started doodling more directly about his anxiety and occasional bouts of depression, which would eventually turn into It’s Hard to Be a Person: Defeating Anxiety, Surviving the World and Having More Fun, his new book featuring funny illustrations, observations and pieces of wisdom about his own mental-health struggles…READ ON

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