Resilience a key attribute for entrepreneurs

Exploring the epigenetics of resilience

To do good science, we need to include diverse perspectives, work across disciplines and think outside the box while reminding ourselves that our goal as scientists is to serve humanity. I am sharing my story to encourage others to trust their gut feelings and to have the courage to see what everyone sees, but think what no one has thought.

This fresh perspective of taking a positive view to help humanity is much needed in today’s world, which has been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic

I am a genetics researcher focusing on Circassian and Chechen ethnic populations, with an emphasis on building community trust. I conducted my PhD research as a Fulbright student at the University of Iowa in the United States. My passion for science was what motivated me to study to become a scientist, even after being married and having four children. Today, I am a full professor of molecular cell biology at Hashemite University in Jordan…READ ON

Resilience a key attribute for entrepreneurs

The last of the 10 tardigrade traits is resilience. There is a reason that I bookend the traits with capital-efficiency as number one and resilience as number 10. More than any of the others, these two define a tardigrade brand.

When I searched for the antithetical mascot to compare to a unicorn, my heart was set on the tardigrade. Tardigrades have an incredible metabolic efficiency and ability to adapt and adjust to almost any ecosystem. These little critters can withstand anything thrown at them. That is the kind of brand I want to help build…READ ON

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