One Apocalyptic Weather Combination Could Happen Twice As Often By 2100 — Study

Understanding what contributes to resilience (Video) by Glasgow Centre for Population Health

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Mysteries Shroud the Cause of Colorado’s Worst Wildfire
Burned homes sit in a neighborhood in Louisville, Colo., decimated by the Marshall Fire, which started on Dec. 30, 2021. Officials reported that 991 homes were destroyed in the fire, making it the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history.
Credit: Kent Raney/Alamy Stock Photo

One Apocalyptic Weather Combination Could Happen Twice As Often By 2100 — Study

Samantha Stevenson moved to Santa Barbara in October 2017. Two months later, the Thomas Fire swept through Ventura and Santa Barbara County, the place she called her new home. Three weeks after that, a rainstorm she describes as “devastating” pounded through, killing at least 21 people with debris flows. The fire had burned away plants and roots, leaving loose soil to erode rapidly when heavy rain came.

While Stevenson and her team produced a projection under a worst-case scenario, that means that even a more tempered trajectory could produce a higher likelihood of these extreme weather events. They just may not be as likely as their worst-case scenario paper indicates.

“You move to a new city, you don’t know anybody and then all of a sudden there’s this giant fire and the air is full of smoke and ash is raining down on my car,” she tells Inverse. “It was a shocking welcome to California.” Stevenson says she was in a part of Santa Barbara farthest away from the fires, so while she didn’t have to evacuate her home, she felt the conditions the fire brought, like smoky, ashy air.

Many others still feel the effects of this fire. Stevenson points to Montecito as a community that was hit even harder. Stevenson is just one of the thousands of people to witness this natural disaster…READ ON

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