Japan Scrambles to Avoid Tokyo Blackout After Earthquake Stretches Grid

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Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin early on Christmas morning in 1974. Within hours, a coordinated national response was underway and within three years the city had been rebuilt – better than before. How did they do it…READ ON

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Japan Scrambles to Avoid Tokyo Blackout After Earthquake Stretches Grid

Japan is scrambling to keep the lights on in Tokyo on Tuesday, as freezing temperatures and power plant outages after last week’s earthquake puts the nation’s capital at risk of rolling blackouts.

“Japan has very limited power reserves, as utilities retire older oil-powered plants and most nuclear reactors remain shut after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.”

Households and businesses need to conserve as much electricity as possible for Tuesday, Trade Minister Koichi Hagiuda said, after the government issued its first-ever power supply alert for the Tokyo area. People and businesses in the city could be “asked to implement further measures to curb power consumption depending on the situation,” Hagiuda added, without elaborating on whether that included planned blackouts…READ ON

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