6 Tips to Tame Anxiety

The 25 Best Natural Disaster Movies

Catch a glimpse of the end of the world in many of the films listed below, and then head to our list of the best thrillers available on Netflix for some equally devastating man-made disasters.

They’re the only way you can watch a giant tidal wave crash into the Statue of Liberty or see Yellowstone’s dormant super volcano erupt—at least for now, anyway…READ ON

How much is technophobia costing your business each year?

The growing digital divide in the small business community caused by technophobia is a big concern for governments globally. We’re seeing Singapore invest over $352 million and the UK commit more than $900 million to assist their small businesses to adapt to digital. But to date, Australia’s response has been limited to ad hoc efforts.

Andrew Hunter, chief executive of CPA Australia, says this kind of piecemeal financial support for digital transformation “isn’t sufficient”.

“While businesses should play an active role in digital transformation, the government needs to play a bigger role in helping businesses manage this change … There needs to be a significant commitment of public funding to help transform Australian small businesses.”…READ ON

6 Tips to Tame Anxiety

The university’s new face covering policy went into effect this week, making masks optional on campus in many work areas. This is possible, campus officials say, because of our high vaccination rate and improving conditions in the region.

You may continue to wear masks if you choose, and should feel comfortable to do so. Mask use still is suggested as an effective strategy for enhanced personal protection, especially for those with compromised immune status, those who are not vaccinated or up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, and anyone with a perceived increased risk of complications from infection.

“We’ve talked to more and more people expressing anxiety related to the pandemic. And we expect that some people may feel some worry because we all have different levels of comfort transitioning away from masking,” says Tom Waldecker, director, Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office. “And that’s OK. As we all work through yet another change in the workplace, it’s important to practice kindness for one another and for yourself.”

Here are some tips and resources to help if you are experiencing anxiety…READ ON

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