Coping With Rejection Requires Resilience

Can Animals Detect Natural Disasters?

Even today, with the most advanced technology available, no one can reliably predict when an earthquake will occur.  But according to some, animals can.

Is this unusual ability to detect natural disasters just an urban myth, or is there actual scientific evidence to support this theory?  Martin Wikelski, Professor at the University of Konstanz & Director at Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior joined Jonathan to discuss.

Also, joining Jonathan for Newsround was Dr. Lara Dungan & Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield to run through some of the biggest stories from the week in science…READ ON

Coping With Rejection Requires Resilience

My first serious rejection in life came in the form of a letter — a rejection letter from medical school. All 10 I’d applied to in fact. I wasn’t expecting to be shut out from my chosen profession. So, I regrouped, and I was accepted into medical school the second time around. I guess you could say I showed resilience 40 years ago, long before the term was cemented into the medical lexicon.

Different types of rejection test our resilience in different ways. After medical school, the most common form of rejection is failure to match into a residency training program. 

Resilience in my case was measured not by how I fared on my first try, but how I recovered from the setback and grew stronger in the process. I learned that determination and resilience go hand-in-hand. Whereas fortitude may be considered the backbone of resilience, rejection fuels our will and determination to succeed…READ ON

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