Cost of Disasters

Cyclone Gombe hits Northern Mozambique with heavy wind, rain

Hurricane Gombe has hit northern Mozambique with torrential winds and rain, causing extensive damage to homes and infrastructure and leaving at least one person dead.

The cyclone, the latest in a series hitting southern Africa from the Indian Ocean, hit Nampula province early Friday, toppling trees and ripping roofs off homes and public buildings, witnesses said.

A resident of the city of Nampula was electrocuted by a fallen cable while trying to secure his roof, according to a report by Mozambican television station Miramar. Electricity, water and mobile phone services were cut off, making communication difficult…READ ON

Cost of Disasters

A curious thing about disasters is how hard it is to grasp their impact without reference to the economic cost. In the past, possibly the ancient history for many of us, natural disasters were measured by death toll.  Their destructive nature was reflected in a narrative that was purely based on the loss of human life.  Societies would talk about losses of life as the central and perhaps only narrative, which over time would form an integral part of the culture, shared memory and history.

Considering complex disasters are becoming increasingly more frequent, economic loss estimates will pose an ongoing challenge. Therefore, an alternative solution needs to be considered to ensure the public does not switch off from the ‘numbers’.

Jelenko Dragisic, Co-founder,

Nowadays, economic losses have become an integral part of the narrative.  In many cases discussion about financial losses tend to be the dominant way of grasping the scale of natural disaster….READ ON

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