30 Pics Of Catastrophic Australian Floods That Are Happening Now As 2022 Competes For The Worst Year Award

Water resilience: why we must take a new approach to preserving a shrinking resource

It has been abundantly recited in recent years, and especially in light of COP26 and heightened action to achieve net zero carbon emissions, that climate change is now a pressing problem – indeed the most urgent challenge of our generation.

The UK’s reputation as a rainy climate distracts many observers from how the relationship between rainfall and the water available to us really works.

The effects of global warming are already damaging the world we live in and will continue to do so, even if all countries do commit to ambitious pledges to limit global temperature rise to no more than 1.5 degrees. Whatever happens next, the world as we know it is changing and we must protect our natural resources and work on better ways to store them.

The extreme weather that comes with climate change has made water supply much more unpredictable than in years gone by. This is visibly apparent in many areas of the globe, including across parts of the African continent. However, in the future, the subject of drought will become an increasing realistic prospect for many other regions around the world…READ ON

Brisbane flooding: inner city park that floods regularly.
Photo by: Yellen, originally published in Sintezo Magazine, http://www.sintezo.com.au

30 Pics Of Catastrophic Australian Floods That Are Happening Now As 2022 Competes For The Worst Year Award

Tens of thousands of people had been ordered to evacuate their homes and many more had been told to prepare to flee as eastern Australia is experiencing the worst flood in decades.

Military helicopters airlifted stranded people from rooftops in submerged neighborhoods and a tenth victim was found on Tuesday following days of torrential rain.

The devastating weather has submerged several towns and bridges in Queensland and New South Wales, and is moving to the south with heavy rains and possible flash flooding forecasted for Sydney…READ ON

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