Lessons on building a business: How the pandemic changed the rulebook

Emotional Resilience – Lessons from the real world

In February 2020, the business body Resilience First issued its guidance on Emotional Resilience. With an estimated one in four people suffering some form of mental ill-health at some point, emotional resilience helps to manage stress and prevents the emergence of ill-health. The 2020 guidance reflected on the best practices that business communities could adopt to improve the emotional resilience of their employees in advance of, and after, a traumatic experience at work.

In my 25 plus years working at the coalface of traumatic incidents, I have seen organisations manage the impact of them really well … and really badly. When it’s the latter case, the negative impact of a traumatic event has the potential to rip through an organisations’ resilience, affecting the business, its employees, their families and rippling right into the fabric of our communities. 

Dr Liz Royle

Resilience First with KRTS International Ltd is now producing a follow-up. Emotional Resilience – Lessons from the real world: A practical guide after crises and major incidents is a practical demonstration for businesses on implementing emotional resilience using real-life examples. With a section on lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, the report highlights the need for employers to…READ ON

Lessons on building a business: How the pandemic changed the rulebook

2021 was about readjusting to the new normal. With the rollout of mass vaccinations and people starting to learn to live with the virus, economies reeled back to normalcy and social life reopened.

…to remain competitive, organizations need to pool into new technology to not only improve communication or collaboration but into tools for flexibility, productivity and better experiences – both for the employees and customers alike…

However, the last two years fundamentally changed how people worked, interacted, and shopped. There was transformational change across industries, especially consumer behavior, which has irreversibly been impacted. As the pandemic pushed everyone to move a large part of their lives online, digital communications govern everything, smartphones have become the primary devices for shopping, booking, transactions and content consumption, and ecommerce sales has taken center stage…READ ON

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