Embracing and nurturing ‘resilience’ in the modern workplace

Building workplace resilience in a changing environment

For decades, it has been agreed that change is a constant. So, doesn’t it stand to reason that before a change or crisis happens, an organization should have the ability and resilience to transform? In the McKinsey report, The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times, resilience is defined as, “the ability to withstand unpredictable threat or change and then to emerge stronger.” In other words, it is the ability to sustain and endure. And it applies just as much to workplace resilience as any other element of the organisation.

To create sustainable change there needs to be a high level of engagement and activity with people going in the same direction.

But how do we build workplace resilience? How do we make sure we are ready, as an organization, to deal with whatever comes down the road?

Previously, in business, we have talked about embedding, enabling, and/or adopting change to describe and illustrate a change that is long lasting – sustained. However that does not mean that the change itself does not change.  In order for it to genuinely be sustainable it has to have the ability to exist and metamorphosize to meet the changing needs of the business, based on the external and internal factors that influence an organisation and change…READ ON

Embracing and nurturing ‘resilience’ in the modern workplace

Joe Binder is the founder of WOAW, which is a personal branding business he started four years ago at the age of just 21. They build brands exclusively on social media and have some extremely high-profile clients. These include BBC Dragons and ex-Dragons, namely James Caan, Sara Davies, Tej Lalvani, along with a number of the most exciting tech start-ups in Europe.  

Continuing tough times, we all know we need that magic ingredient called ‘resilience’ to survive and thrive. But how do we know when we need more? And how do we make ourselves and/or our teams more resilient? In this feature, Jan highlights three companies who have either benefited from embracing wellbeing therapy or are experienced and successful in administering it.

His journey was catapulted forward by his hatred of being called a ‘dumb kid’ at school.  Joe worked, hustled, and worked some more until he won a place at Cambridge University. He is now running a business that he expects to triple in size again this year.

Joe thinks of himself as the company guinea pig. By this, he means, if he has tried something and found it helpful then he will roll it out on the rest of the team. Growing fast has been a real challenge, both mentally and emotionally. Joe says that while he has an image of the kind of guy he wants to be, getting there and building emotional resilience is incredibly tough…READ ON

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