The World’s ‘Happiest’ Countries Harbor a Dark Side, Well-being Study Reveals

To be happy you have to feel you belong

“Oh, don’t put me through to the manager, I’ve spoken to him before. He’s a useless Chinaman and can’t speak a bloody word of English!”

During my working life as a psychiatrist, I noticed this thwarted desire for belonging in many of my patients with diminished mental health.

It’s the early 90s and I’m 17, working during the holidays as a receptionist at a small computer parts company in Watford. Knowing nothing then (and even now) about RAM, DRAM and VGA graphic cards, I had a low threshold for putting things through to the manager if sales staff weren’t around.

“OK,” I said after a tentative pause, “but James is still on lunch break. I can leave him a message if you like?”

“Fine, I’ll wait for him to call, but can I take your name.”…READ ON

The World’s ‘Happiest’ Countries Harbor a Dark Side, Wellbeing Study Reveals

Have you looked at the international rankings of the world’s happiest countries lately?

Measuring a country’s subjective levels of happiness has become something of an international sport. People look with interest (and a little jealousy) to nations such as Denmark, which consistently tops the world’s happiness rankings.

Perhaps it’s time to rank countries not only by how happy they are, but how safe and open they are to the full range of human experiences.The Conversation

It has also led to Danish practices such as the “hygge” lifestyle gaining popularity elsewhere. If only we could add more coziness to our lives, perhaps we would be as happy as the Danish!

But is living in one of the world’s happiest nations all it’s cracked up to be? What happens if you struggle to find or maintain happiness in a sea of (supposedly) happy people…READ ON

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