Study: Natural disasters provoke ‘unprecedented’ socioeconomic changes

Cyclone Batsirai leaves people vulnerable to food shortages and malaria

After tropical cyclone Batsirai hit Madagascar on 5 February, there have been 94 deaths and 116,000 people affected, according to the National Risk and Disaster Management Office (BNGRC). However, these figures are provisional since many areas are still inaccessible.

“The hospital is no longer functioning, five health centres are completely destroyed and the roofs of 35 other structures have been blown off.”


Last week, two MSF teams visited the affected areas to assess needs and organise a response. In Fianarantsoa, 25 health structures were damaged by the passage of Batsirai and part of the city is completely inaccessible after a bridge collapsed. In this area, people may not have access to healthcare in the coming weeks.

Continuing east towards the cyclone’s impact point, our teams saw the damage caused by the strong cyclonic winds…READ ON

Members of the GEER team watch a drone take off from a snowy driveway
Engineers deploy drones to survey Marshall Fire, gather lessons for future disasters
Members of the GEER team watch a drone take off from the Spanish Hills neighborhood.
Image Credit: Casey Cass/CU Boulder)

Study: Natural disasters provoke ‘unprecedented’ socioeconomic changes

Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy, coupled with the recent natural disasters that the island has faced caused “unprecedented” social and economic changes, among which are an increase in poverty, inequality, and job losses for some sectors, according to two investigations by José Caraballo-Cueto, a professor from the Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

Before Hurricane María, Puerto Rico was undergoing several crises: debt, social, and economic. The landfall of María exacerbated those crises, especially in terms of poverty, inequality, and fiscal priorities,” said Caraballo-Cueto, who is also a regular researcher in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research at the UPR in Cayey.

Although his research focuses on the impact of Hurricane María on the economy and employment, he stated that the string of earthquakes in 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic reaffirm the impact that every crisis causes at the socioeconomic level…READ ON

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