Study: Natural hazards compound Covid-19 impacts disproportionately on businesses run by minorities, women and vets

Lead With Resilience For The Return To The Office

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Build psychological safety for your team
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The effects of the pandemic run deep for all of us, and we’ve been harboring the effects for more than two years now. We’ve accumulated new mindsets and habits, both good and bad, that will again be tested as we return to our offices. We’ve all been changed, and those who can empathize with a wide variety of perspectives will be best positioned for personal resilience and effectiveness.

“This receptive mindset sits at the core of diversity, inclusion and empathy.”

Increase your personal awareness.

It’s been a pandemic of both virus and stress. We’ve been under pressure for so long, we may not even recognize our own stressors. Personal resilience begins with self-awareness. Spend some time to seriously consider: What am I feeling about RTO? Why am I feeling this way? How can I move forward most effectively? Take your awareness pulse frequently during this transition and beyond. Work to uncover and understand your personal, hidden stressors…READ ON

Study: Natural hazards compound Covid-19 impacts disproportionately on businesses run by minorities, women and vets

By many measures, 2020 — a year dominated by an emerging pandemic and overrun with natural disasters — was bad for business. A multitude of variables affected the ability of businesses to adapt, but according to new research, socio-economic vulnerabilities intensified impacts on small businesses.

 simply being operated by minorities, women or veterans increased a business’s odds of being susceptible to the pandemic more than natural disasters did

A study by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed that businesses run by minorities, women and veterans, were dealt a much worse hand by the pandemic than other businesses. What’s more, the team saw that these businesses reported harsher downturns from COVID-19 alone than even other small businesses that were struck by natural disasters on top of COVID-19.

The findings, published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, stress the severity of the resilience gap between historically underrepresented group operators (HUGO) and non-HUGO businesses and highlight the need for additional interventions to HUGO businesses in areas where there is a high likelihood of overlapping natural disasters and other incidents…READ ON

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