A Look At 2021: The Need For Resilience In The Workplace

Yourself During And After A Flood Event

Royal Life Saving Society Australia would like to extend our thoughts and safe wishes to the communities across Australia who are experiencing flooding this summer. Tragically, we have seen several flooding-related deaths this summer (2021/22). Flooding disasters are extremely stressful, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed.

The shock and instability of a natural disaster can be overwhelming, physically and emotionally. It can be difficult to think about looking after yourself in these times.

In the past 19 years (2002/03 – 2020/21) Royal Life Saving Society Australia has recorded a total of 216 deaths due to flood related drowning. In each of these years, there has been at least one death due to flood related drowning…READ ON

A Look At 2021: The Need For Resilience In The Workplace

In 2020, organizations worldwide went remote, doing their best to weather the chaotic storm. As we enter 2022, it’s clear the storm is here to stay and companies are searching for long-term strategies to thrive in this new environment.

Start up business people during a kick off meeting
Gone are the days of top-down command-and-control. 
Image credit: GETTY

Whether it’s a new Covid-19 variant or supply chain issues, we’ve entered an era of constant surprises that impact our teams’ performance — the shift to remote work, returning to the office or staffing shortages. We are facing more uncertainty and volatility than ever before, and businesses see the need for much greater resilience to survive and prosper despite shocks at the macro level.

Getting there will require moving away from top-down command and control management style, which is brittle and adapts poorly to change. It will require that businesses empower people and move to a trust-but-verify management model…READ ON

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